In Praise of Love [Alain Badiou, Peter Bush] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a world rife with consumerism, where online dating. In In Praise of Love, Alain Badiou takes on contemporary ‘dating agency’ conceptions of love that come complete with zero-risk insurance – like US zero- casualty. “Love is not a contract between two narcissists. It’s more than that. It’s a construction that compels the participants to go beyond narcissism.

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Theatre, he argues, bridges the gap between love and politics.

This is hardly a fair dismissal of liberal or libertine views, but the argument is possibly not developed because the interview format doesn’t t lend itself to this sort of development. Love, as he defines it with reference to Plato, is a quest for truth. The history of love moves from the courtly love of the middle ages, through Romanticism, into avant-gardes and the radical off of the last century.

In Praise of Love Quotes by Alain Badiou

Cannot a woman who was raped and keeps the child not love that child? Earlier this month he wrote a marvellously vituperative column for Le Monde that has been trending across the francophone world. Caught between consumerism and casual sexual encounters devoid of passion, love — without the key ingredient of praiwe — is in danger of withering on the vine.

It is not case-sensitive. Everybody wants a contract that guarantees them against risk. In Praise of Love Quotes Showing of Badiou’s very odd, post-existentialist, heretically Marxist and defiantly anti-parliamentary conception of politics has a similar trajectory. In spite of his argument, it is problematic to try and draw a line between love and politics. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


He sees love as something that unfolds over time, and involves continual re-commitment and effort. Love is being inked here to communism. If you limit yourself to sexual pleasure it’s narcissistic.

And that probably means, as the poet Rimbaud said, that it also needs re-inventing. It’s not simply to delegate problems to the professionals.

The world is full of new developments and love must also be something that innovates. Badiou’s philosophy of the subject is an extrapolation of Sartre’s existentialist slogan “Existence precedes essence” and incorporates a communist hypothesis that Althusser might have liked.

In other words aalin is, in many respects, the opposite of sex. Love continues to be at the heart of political and social change for peace and for women’s, civil and LGBT rights. It leads to contentious conclusions and undermines the radical political position, which he otherwise advocates.

In Praise of Love Quotes

A loving relationship is similar. Current politics frequently focuses on identity, attacking immigrants for example, and this is the enemy of love. In a world rife with consumerism, where online dating promises risk-free romance and love is all too often seen only as a variant of desire and hedonism, Alain Badiou believes that love is under threat.

This idealistic presumption is based on seeing politics as the theoretical communism which follows an event, politics following a similar truth procedure as love. Does love not demand, for example, that we see a contradiction between love and honouring it with diamonds or other artefacts that result from human exploitation? What is Called a…. Politics and love remain detached, although the one can be a model for the other and they can intersect at times.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But, he argues, avoiding love’s problems is just what we do in our risk-averse, commitment-phobic society.

To the contrary, he sees sex as surrender when part of the re-invention of their world by two people in love. Refresh and try again. But it’s praiwe like that. Theatre has a communist nature, he says, bringing disparate people together to one endand, as such is a model for collective action.

Desire, in this case, originates with love and is the expression of a declaration of love. But isn’t such laborious commitment a pointless fuss in this age xlain ready pleasures and easily disposable lovers?

Alain Badiou: a life in writing | Books | The Guardian

You are commenting using your Facebook account. How does truth come into all this?

Alain Badiouvenerable Maoist, year-old soixante-huitard, vituperative excoriator of Sarkozy and Hollande and such a controversial figure in France that when he was profiled in Marianne magazine they used the headline “Badiou: It’s more than that.

In Praise of Love. The answer in both cases, if we accept Badiou’s definition of love, would appear to be no. Only long-term, committed, sexual relationships which lead to universal truths are actually love, he says. Just as he has been faithful to all but one of his lovers, he has remained true to Maoism.