Hazrat Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq By Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani A FAMOUS BOOK WRITTEN IN DEFENCE OF HAZRAT MUAVIA [R.A] Hazrat Ameer Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Rivayaat By Shaykh Muhammad. Ameer Muawiya Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq Author Mufti Taqi Usmani. May Click to Download Click to Read on Scribd. Post a Comment. For More Islamic Books For More Islamic Books Visit For More I.

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Hazrat Muawiya( R. A) Aur Tarikhi Haqaiq

I’m not in a position to do so. I hope you ll not think that I am air Shia because ‘I am not’. Mohadisin have devised a great procedure to evaluate authenticity of Hadith. In the first century, even it was not possible to distinguish people as the dispute was only political and not religious.

All other history books of subsequent periods were written based on Tabari’s work.

H Ameer muaawia aor tareekhi haqaiq

If a matter tareeohi such tareskhi information is presented to any court in the world, the judge will not be able to decide the matter and will acquit the suspect based on the benefit of doubt despite of the fact that the suspect and relevant witnesses are available in his court.

He will decide this issue on the Day of Judgment. Even we cannot reach at a decisive conclusion about events happening in our life. We should not accept all incidents reported to us by historians without such evaluation. Respected Sister Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah Many thanks for your kind words and comments about my books.

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Although mistakes at individual capacity was possible but how could you believe that all companions committed a great crime collectively while the evidence against them is nothing except statements of a few people whose reliability is already under question? A riwaiat is not authentic because the rawi is shia and the tateekhi time another riwaiat by a shia rawi is authentic because it favours his amser Nobody engages in a revolt with a handful of companions including his family members and young children.

I respect the author of this book but it seems like he is just playing with the words. It is completely wrong to compare him with culprits like Zia or Musharaf. Send at mubashirnazir gmail.

Ameer Muawiya Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq by Mufti Taqi Usmani ~ Brothers Digital Library

Whatever is the opinion of Sunnis, Shias or Khawarij on such issues, it is no more than a theory based on doubtful reports because Sunni reports are not acceptable to Shia and vice versa. My point is that if you want to quote an example it should be a good example.

I appreciate that you study the history. You can check by yourselves in the “History of Tabari ” that all reports portraying a sleazy picture of the companions are reported by only five persons and all of them are considered as “liars “. And he did so and the result was in the form of ” Waqia Karbala”. I repeat the names: Because in this way you can say that Zia- ul-Haq ruled for 11 muawiyw because he was a very patient person.


Hazrat Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq By Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani – Free Books

However, information available through Tawatur is something different and exceptional. Similarly, Banu A’bbas did the same to defame the Ummayyads. Tabari is available on the following link. We cannot say about a theory that “it definitely has happened.

Dear Brother Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah Thank you very much for answering me. This is the history and it cant be denied. I hope this will clarify my position on that.

The approach of Tabari was to compile all the narrations whether authentic or not in a chronological order. Many thanks for your kind words and comments about my books.

If someone portrays a bad picture of any respected person for you e. Because I am the student of history and I know what the Amir Muawia did in his 20 years rule. Since the matter is grave, we should evaluate the authenticity of the events reported by the history. I read the book thoroughly but I am sorry instead of making me satisfy it has made me more doubtful.

All those who accepted their caliphate will also be charged automatically as they accepted corrupt rulers.