One very useful function of ArcGIS is the creation of hyperlinks. You can set up hyperlinks for any of your features, allowing the viewer to click on a specific. Dynamic hyperlinks take more time to set up, though have the advantage of being transferable between ArcGIS projects and they allow for greater organisation. Yesterday, I set up a kml with hyperlinks to local pdf’s via a relative link. I can’t show what I was working on but I’ve recreated it with some public data. In arcmap .

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Sign up using Facebook. Sign hypedlinks or log in Sign up using Google. Hyperlinks allow you to access documents or web pages related to features.

Request Case Start Chat. I was not able to edit the hyperlinks once they were created. To avoid this happening again, look at the advanced hyperlink functionality. You can define a hyperlink for the features in a layer either by using field-based hyperlinks or defining a dynamic hyperlink using the Identify tool. hypfrlinks

python – Use relative paths for hyperlinked documents in ArcMap – Stack Overflow

June 30, One step further: For example, if the hyperlink base is ardmap to D: Questions or issues with the site? They are relative as will be looking inside the compressed. The tool is called layer to kml, but it only exports kmz, go figure. Thanks for your help. Click the color drop-down menu to specify a different color for the highlights.

Using Hyperlinks—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

Sometimes documents that must be hyperlinked to features are organized into several subfolders. Do you want to Unsubscribe?

When you check the second box a warning will appear, press enable. Field-based hyperlinks support system- and current user-level Windows environment variables when used with the Identify tool. Also, this setting has no effect on dynamic hyperlinks. Instead, I chose the ‘Document’ option; and then entered ” If you override the default, ArcMap will still retain the slash if the hyperlink base specified in Map Document Properties ends in a slash character.


I’ve already tried using the “. To summarize the solution, I’m not using the ‘Script’ option on the ‘Display’ tab in the ‘Hyperlinks’ section.

The second preference is what will allow us to open the corresponding quad pdfs. Now open the kmz in google earth. Now use the layer to kml tool in arcmap to export the layer with hyperlinks to a kmz. This association is stored with your layer. The person sent me the mxd, and shapefile used for the Dynamic Hyperlink however the path to bring up the pdfs are not the same.

This link can be an absolute path as well, or a url, just replace the path within the single quotes with an absolute path pro tip — this can be a network location or valid url. To specify a path to a document in the same folder, type the document’s name.

The situation is one of my workers was linking polygons to pdfs with Dynamic Hyperlink because each polygon had several pdfs that needed to be link. Environment variables must be set on the computer prior to utilizing them for hyperlinks.

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Using Hyperlinks

Add hyperlinks to files that could be located in several subfolders Summary Sometimes documents that must be hyperlinked to features are organized into several subfolders. This allows you to access ArcObjects through your hyperlink script via the dispatch object.


How do you change the network path in Dynamic Hyperlink? Sorry, hpyerlinks blog cannot share posts by email. You can add or remove them, but I’m not sure you’ll be able to fix the existing ones.

The hyperlink field should look like this now. You can dynamically add a hyperlink to a feature using the Identify tool. You can hyperljnks ArcMap settings to set the color for displaying hyperlink features using the following steps:. I’ve tested it with the GIS root folder located on two different drive letters, and the default browser opens the html file that corresponds to the same drive letter where the MXD project is located.

Did you ever figure out how to add scripting that opens the. Also available from this menu is Manage Hyperlinks. Sometimes, you may want to give a map that contains hyperlinks to someone who does not have access to your network resources.

Here, you can add and remove dynamic hyperlinks for this feature. Aaron March 24, Did you ever figure out how to add scripting that opens the.

As you should know google earth arrcmap is now free. To manage the dynamic hyperlinks, select the identify tool, identify the layer, right click on the feature in the identify box, select ‘manage hyperlinks’. They are also stored with your layer if you save the layer to a file. I can check it out if you zip it up and send it my way.