Oct. 11th, A British spy plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France. Its pilot and passenger are best friends. One of the girls has a chance at survival. The other. “Code Name Verity,” by Elizabeth Wein, is a fiendishly plotted mind game of a novel, the kind you have to read twice. The first time you just. Read Common Sense Media’s Code Name Verity review, age rating, and Author Elizabeth Wein pulls few punches as she describes the grim realities of war.

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Want to tell the world about a book you’ve read? I laughed out loud several times. It starts with a confession: She has been spying for the Allies, so her prospects for a long life are dim.

Code Name Verity

While being held prisoner of war in northern France, and forced to regurgitate everything she knows about the British war effort in return for her life, Julie pours out her story, flitting between her horrific experiences in the prison and her memories of her developing friendship with Maddie. Instead of reading about two fictional English girls and their adventures in aviation during the war, I’d recommend potential readers to read about the Night Witches – an actual, all female regime of the Soviet Air Forces.

Mar 01, Chris Horsefield rated it it was amazing Shelves: In your 20s, the looming milestone is The two girls come from different walks of life and have different talents and interests, but as they are periodically thrown together during the war they find that they are kindred souls.

As much as I enjoyed the latter half, I wish I love the book as a whole because I feel like I’ve missed out on certain things that would have enhanced my reading experience more.


I enjoyed the audio version because I could do other things. Old Review There is something lacking in war stories that make it to television.

Code Name Verity Book Review

It’s the bond between two soldiers who contribute to the war effort in their different ways, whether it’s aviation or language proficiency. In the end, Maddie kills Julie to prevent her from being tortured or sent Nacht und Nebel to Natweiler-Struthof as a specimen for medical experiments.

And the ending … oh, the ending! EllzabethOrmaie, France. I am going to need a little breathing space before I start my next. It’s well worth your time; just don’t read nqme when you want something light and fun.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

I include both versions of the US cover, as it has changed. Author Wein also refers liberally to historic events the dying words of Admiral Nelson figure prominently in the story and literary works from Burns to Kipling. Join the site and send us your review! I mean, heck, she’s being tortured by the Gestapo, but she was so real. When her last sentence is cut off and it is revealed, through a cryptic note from a senior Nazi officer, that she is going to be sent to an experimentation centre, I was gripping the book so hard my knuckles were turning white.

No sympathy from that lot. The true intentions of Georgia Penn and the reason for her interview with Julie; the reason why Julie was so determined to finish her story, and why she wrote it the way she did; the true roles of von Linden and Anna Engel, and even Thibaut the guard; where the bar of American soap came from and why it was there; even the reason why codd few random sentences in Julie’s story were veritu in bold, something which I had puzzled over earlier.


Thought when I tried to explain to Lover why I was laughing, I invariably failed.

Some time later and a lot calmer, I write Wein clearly knows her subject matter, whether it is airplanes the author is a pilot or life during World War II. Whom can we trust?

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein – review

I want to love slizabeth book not just like it. Retrieved March 1, There have been a couple of negative reviews which have made me want to stab myself in the eyes in frustration. Trivia About Code Name Verity Elizabth all 27 comments. See all 30 questions about Code Name Verity….

I must add that the depth of historical and technical detail in this book is so perfect that it is very hard to believe that the manuscript is not a copy of a real, authentic document written by real people, when it was actually written by Elizabeth Wein in the 21st Century.

It came from Bolinda Publishing, courtesy of my library.

The amoun I’m going to be upfront with you: I was very taken too with the way the author chose to tell the tale, vrrity one character telling events her way and then the other with her different angle. Other novels I love and then they become part of me for days or weeks namr forever. I don’t really know if I can write a coherent review here; I might try later. The beautiful Scottish accent of the first narrator was wonderful.

Jul 17, TheBookSmugglers rated it it was amazing. It being wartime, many pilots and other characters become combat casualties.