An early 18th century British spy in the Ottoman lands revealed covert operations designed to spread separatism across the Muslim world. Hempher is a British missioner who was assigned the task of carrying on espionage . Page 4 of 7 1 Waqf Ikhlas publications Confessions of a British Spy . Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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It is hoped that, from the world of the unknown, he will cast an eye on us and grant us the good luck of evicting hhempher unbelievers, he means Muslimsfrom their centers, be it three hundred years later. Extending my farewell to her, I left for the ministry to receive the final instructions.

I could not conceal my sorrow from my wife. Say the sura Fatiha for my soul! These slaves, after we have sold them, will gradually approach the statesmen. Whenever a stranger came in they would change the subject and begin to talk on personal matters.

Memoirs of Mr. Hempher: Confessions of a British spy

The Shiites committed treasons against the government. While abusing the Ottoman government very much, he would never speak ill of the Iranian government. Formerly, other people would see the Prophet’s confsssion and women would join all sorts of social activities.

The roads were not safe. They depraved administrators, directors, and statesmen by filling their houses with Christian women. Keep them in an unconscious state by encouraging them to read books advising Zuhd, such as Ihya-ul-‘Ulum-id-din, by Ghazali, Masnawi, by Mawlana, and various books written by Muhyiddin Arabi One day I broached the topic of fasting to Muhammad of Najd: Therefore, hard drinks are not haram when they don’t have an intoxicating effect When I said so, Murshid Effendi reproved me, saying, “What a weak belief you have!


Then we ask them and they answer us.

So I am sowing for others. Therefore, we must deter the increasing of the water supplies under various schemes. Thus I ensured the continuance of our acquaintance and friendship. Return to Book Page. The answers I received were very encouraging ov reassuring.

There is a hadith ash- Sharif stating that ‘a person who works is beloved to Allah.

Confessions of a British Spy by Mr. Hempher

Having not succeeded on this second mission, Hempher was duly recalled to London. Haven’t you read Allah’s ayat purporting, If they are poor, Allahu ta’ala will make them rich with His kindness’?

I knew that he was convinced. This section of our book is corroborated with documents which will awaken those poor Muslims who are entrapped by the Wahhabis and will corroborate the writings of the scholars of Ahl as-sunnat. For example, Abu Bakr assumed power with the help of ‘Umar’s sword and by setting fire to the houses of those who would not obey him, such as Fatima’s house The British were the forerunner in this regard.

As a result of great works and endeavors of our ministry and other Christian governments Muslims are on the decline now.

Quote the Koranic verse, “As the food of those given a heavenly Book is halal for you, so is your food halal for them,” 62 and tell them confdssion the Prophet had a Jewish wife named Safiyya and a Christian wife named Mariya and that the Prophet’s wives were not foul at all Thousands of books of tafsir explanation thus formed were published in every country.


Confessions of a British Spy

In his memoirs, Hempher stated that these units were able to correctly predict the trends and reflexes in the Muslim world seventy-five percent of the time.

We shall open schools, colleges for estranging Muslims confesaion scholars. They announced this sect in It is not fard to perform Amr-i-bimaruf and Nahy-i-anil- munkar or to teach the Islamic principles.

But now our valuable administrators are trying to demolish Islam hrmpher means of a very subtle plan and a long-range patience.

I managed to survive this dangerous chat as follows: Muhammad Uzair rated it liked it Dec 20, Indeed, the secretary had said that the answers were seventy percent correct. Nor can the Mongols [armies of Ghengiz] be said to have done anything to extirpate Islam. But he also found them “sound asleep” and unwilling to revolt against the authorities in Istanbul. Shiites say that they follow Ali bin Abu Talib, who was the husband of Muhammad’s alaihis- salam’ daughter Fatima and at the same time Muhammad’s alaihis-salam’ paternal first cousin.