CS Computer Organization and Architecture Lecture Notes – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Notes. CSComputer-Organization-and-Architecture lecture notes Anna University CSE 6TH SEMESTER. Complete Lecture Notes of CS Computer Organization and Architecture Unit_5. hosted by Saravana Kumar TM | Monday, 31 March

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A device can be attached, configured and used, reset, reconfigured and used, detached and reattached, share the bandwidth with other devices. Synchronous serial input and output ii. No handshaking signals are provided during the communication.

Small scale embedded systems 2. Or a large device may be included to allow prototyping of a system-on-a-chip design that will eventually find its way into an ASIC. Describe the multiple bus organization and compare it with a single bus organization.

If such improvement is either not possible or too costly, then the revision of requirements and its impact analysis must be considered. What do you mean by asynchronous communication? Explain the following parallel lectjre devices: Array 1-dimentional and multi-dimentional 4. For teachers and instructors a main advantage of this Question Bank is that not Inheritance is the process by which objects of one class acquire the properties of objects of another class.


List the hard ware units that must be present in the embedded systems.

The most basic way of sharing data is by copying the data in question to each server. A process computeer a program that performs a specific function.

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Write the syntax for function pointer. What can be its resolution?

Explain pass by reference. Where is it used? What are dependability requirements of an embedded system?

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Program flow control unit CU 2. Describe the datapath and control considerations for pipelining.

What are the advantages of Assembly language? Serial line, bi-directional bus used in automobiles. What do you meant by bus arbitration?

Computer organization carl hamacher ppt download – Google Docs

What is instruction hazard? When requirements are not met, compjter design has to be improved. IPC techniques are divided into methods for message passing, synchronization, shared memory, and remote procedure calls RPC. There will be one conductor for each bit of information to be passed, e.


What is a data hazard? Explain how software is embedded into a system 8. What are the benefits of multithreaded programming? The following are the types arcitecture preprocessor directives: Department of Computer Science Engineering.

QUESTION BANK – Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology –

Importance of Human Resource Planning — Forecasting human resource requirement —matching supply and demand – Internal and External sources.

What are the features of the USB protocol? CS Computer Organization and Architecture. What are the various embedded system requirements Types of requirements imposed by embedded applications: Explain the influence of pipelining on instruction set design. What are the characteristics of OOPs?

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