AMC General Acceptable Means of Compliance for Airworthiness of Products, AMC / Amendment AMC ‘Integrated modular avionics (IMA)’. Airworthiness Directives (ADs) · Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMoC) · Alternative Method of Compliance. 1, AMC 20, AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC

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For certain amendments, however, a specific deferred application date should be provided in light of the nature 20-5 those amendments. The decision amends both CS and Eaaa In addition, the Agency has determined that following recent experiences with volcanic activity and forecast widespread airspace contamination, there is a need to strengthen regulations in order 220-25 maintain continued flight safety while minimising the likelihood and severity of disruptions to normal flight operations in any future volcanic events.

Although the dates for halon replacement proposed are later than those of ICAO Annex 6, the proposed changes are expected to ensure compliance therewith in the long term. Rotorcraft manufacturers and offshore operators are recommended to review these revisions and update procedures and processes as required. These systems, can eqsa installed on new designs of large aeroplanes, and also on existing already certified designs of large aeroplanes.

Additionally, operators will be required to incorporate these data items acm their maintenance programmes while addressing the adverse effects of changes and repairs eaa each airframe and its associated maintenance requirements.

Such threats have the potential to affect the airworthiness of the aircraft due to unauthorised access, use, disclosure, denial, 2-25, modification or destruction of electronic information or electronic aircraft system interfaces. This rulemaking activity addresses a proportionality issue: They state that the objective of this task is to mitigate the risk of loss of control of an aeroplane in particular during, but not limited to, the take-off phaseand the risk of runway excursion after an aborted take-off at high speeds.


The European specifications for safety assessment for rotorcraft are currently contained in CS In particular, this NPA proposes amendments to the following items:. In addition, the structural ditching provisions have been refined and the physical requirements for emergency exits and seating have been improved to enable occupants to make their escape in the event of either a ditching or a capsize as a result of a survivable water impact.

Aviation Regulations Updates

Views Read Edit View history. EASA believes that applying online will bring extensive benefits to the application process. The proposed changes are expected to improve the harmonisation of ICA among the design approval holders DAHs in relation to the identification, approval, formatting and availability of ICA to the end users.

The deadline for comments is 11 th August EASA has extended the deadline for comments until 25 th January The criteria for defining these subclasses are based ajc the aircraft weight, the engine type and count, and the maximum number of occupants.

This concept aims at improving the efficiency of the EASA rulemaking process. Additional changes are proposed to maximise the likelihood of occupant egress and subsequent survivability. There was also a request exsa extend the transition period to 3 years to enable compliance, but the Commission made it clear that the transition period would be 2 years. Thank you for your interest.

Electronic flight bag – Wikipedia

As a result, the proposed new text under this chapter has been withdrawn. The closing date for comments is 22 nd September This concept is being proposed to power future large transport aircraft as a means of improving aircraft fuel burn and emissions. Quantity of available oxygen. For those involved in the initial and continuing airworthiness of ageing aircraft, we recommend that you familiarise yourselves with the content and changes to these requirements.


AMC , Annex II to ED Decision //R

EASA a,c that this will be achieved by:. EASA have issued NPA which aims to address safety issues related to helicopters certified for ditching and performing overwater operations.

One of the earliest and broadest EFB implementations was in when FedEx deployed their Airport Performance Laptop Computer to carry out aircraft performance calculations on the aircraft this was a commercial off-the-shelf computer and was considered portable. Products, parts, and appliances must now comply with the eada protection requirements contained in Amendment 10 of Volume I and in Amendment 7 of Volume II of Annex 16 to the Chicago Convention, as applicable on ewsa Novemberexcept for the Appendices 20–25 Annex The approach is based on a safety risk assessment that must be performed by the operator and accepted by the State of the Operator.

For full details and to view these documents, click here. As a result, changes have been introduced in relation to quantitative safety assessments.

This proposed amendment proposes to: In particular, it has been established that in an otherwise survivable water impact, most fatalities occurred as a result of drowning because the occupants were unable either to rapidly escape from a capsized and flooded cabin, or to survive in the sea for sufficient time until rescue.

The Committee voted in favour of the adoption of this draft Commission Regulation. As a result of these pioneering successes, the DoD is now coordinating efforts for widespread, consolidated implementation of the EFB concept. The latest developments on aircraft tracking and flight recorders since the amv meeting were presented.