GEOGRAPHY CLUB by Brent Hartinger (HarperCollins, ). Russel Middlebrook has a secret from even his best friends at high school, that he’s gay. But an. A modern classic about a group of teens discovering sexuality and identity, perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli, Adam Silvera, and David Hart. A closeted gay high school sophomore narrates Hartinger’s uneven yet realistic first novel. The story starts out strong, when Russel meets a jock from his school, .

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For the play, see Geography Club play. May 14, Hhartinger rated it it was amazing Shelves: This one was a little thing, and a little preachy — I suppose that I should season all my YA reviews with “I am not the target audience”, but for this one and for its sequel even more than most of my YA reviews.

Whatever makes him intellectual, we don’t know, but he sits with his best friends, Min and Gunnar, everyday at lunch.

Geography Club (Russel Middlebrook, #1) by Brent Hartinger

The characters are flawed and troubled and all the more lovable because of it. While surfing the Internet one night, he finds chat rooms for different towns and cities, where you can talk to other people who are also gay.

He’s only ever confessed his inclinations to himself, not even his two best friends Min and Gunnar know. Geography Club is a story of an isolated gay kid who never thought that there were any other gays in his town besides him, but he was wrong. I recommend the film version as well as there are many significant differences between that and the novel. Hrent, straight people have the whole rest of the world! Honestly, some books make them so neutered it’s hard to take them seriously.


It got so that I was expecting a quiz at the end of each egography He was not especially interesting or smart or brave or talented. View all 3 comments.

Sep 12, Victoriano rated it really liked it Shelves: Name it some thing terribly boring. He is lcub but pleased to find out his online friend is the popular Kevin Land.

These are the types of teenagers that exist in every high school, struggling to get through the minefield of social acceptance and rejection with the added pressure of being different.

I might check out the sequel if I’m bored.

He alienates his friends and joins the Jocks. The only thing I wished is that he had not forgiven Gunnar so easily. At school Gunnar, who is unaware of Russel’s sexuality, persuades Russel to go on a double date with him and two popular girls from their school.


Ek sal beslis die res van die reeks nog drie boeke wil lees, hoewel ek hoop dat hulle anders as die eerste boek wel as e-boeke beskikbaar is. He was a really crappy friend. Geogrwphy knew that any wrong action, however slight, could reveal my true identity Feb 02, Smith Barney rated it liked beent.

The high school exists in no named city or state but is meant to be a high school that could exist anywhere with bland, purposefully vague descriptions that are recognizable by anyone.

Then Russel finds out that classmate Kevin Land, a handsome and popular star athlete, is a clandestine homosexual too. But an online friend and a real friend are completely different, and it arrives a moment when Russel needs the physical presence of someoneā€¦ yes, I think it was also arrived the moment when Russel wanted a boyfriend, but more than that he needed to feel he was not alone.


Nov 20, Dig rated it really liked it.

They call their club the Geography Club assuming that no one else would join something so incredibly boring. Apr 20, Ari rated it it was ok.

GEOGRAPHY CLUB by Brent Hartinger | Kirkus Reviews

Despite the focus on sexuality and the sex it leads to, bullying at its most cruel, and broken hearts abounding, this novel has an innocence to it. Along with his best friend Min, he and other gay This book is practically a classic by now and is one of the first books that I read that centered haftinger a gay teenager.

There’s his best friend Min, who reveals that nartinger is bisexual, and her soccer-playing girlfriend Terese. Geogrphy help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. There’s no way that could be true– especially when he finds out that the kid with the handle GayTeen is none other than Kevin Land, star of the baseball team, one of the most popular guys in school.

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