When I asked Tor editor, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, what “Untitled John Scalzi” was , he swore me to secrecy. John had been writing a book. Wired: Your new novel is called Redshirts. What’s it about? John Scalzi: “ Redshirts” is a concept that goes back to the original Star Trek series. More accurately, the book Redshirts is not just a novel. .. I was going to have him sign eight times–once for each John Scalzi book in my Nook.

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Also, for authors with writing block, but Hohn am not entirely sure it would help them in actuality. Okay, this did it sclzi me. To properly appreciate this yarn, you should have at least a passing acquaintance with the original TV series, Star Trek. Does everyone know what a Redshirt is? The redshirted security guys on Star Trek had a short life span. You always have a couple of disposable extras for an away mission. Everyone says this book reminds them of Galaxy Quest.

Then later at the coffee shop. Redshirts by John Scalzi – 5 stars and I want to hug this book for redshirtd 14 20 Dec 29, Well for that you will need to read the book…. Oh yes, Galaxy Quest and the squeaking, manic mice! And other non-boring space stuff. Not sure if Scalzi is Jewish, or if he has had a deep education in the Jewish religion, but he did study under Nobel Prize winning writer …more Possibly.


A Note About the Format of Redshirts

It seemed so meta, in a good way. In places it’s hilarious. Dec 18, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: Man, I redshirst Always Coming Home.

But even with the extra padding, the story worked. Nope, the reality is that this is a fun, fast read. I thought the idea of the officers of the ship going into a trance and acting dramatic during key moments redshjrts great, but when I find out there are actors playing the part from a distant past not of the same timeline, it lost me.

I hope I can hold out that long and avoid spoilers. I wonder if I should emigrate…?

Dec 23, Scott rated it it was ok Shelves: Universe as a Creative Consultant. Once I picked up my gobsmacked jaw off the floor, of course. Thanks for the early look at the book, Scalzi. See all 7 questions about Redshirts…. Hardcoverpages.

World Science Fiction Society. So I hope this straightens some things out Commence Review 1.

‘Redshirts’: A Love Letter To Sci-Fi Fans : NPR

I should have said it was not part of the novel. This book falls into that category. If you’ve ever seen a single episode of Star Trek or at least know the general fan culture, you’ll find that this book will bite at the ideas that make up that show and shows like that in general.


And I loved the Star Trek Intrepid crew. I am eternally grateful! And so in ending his novel, Scalzi takes three of its own most minor characters and acknowledges them as fully realized people, allowing us to witness the impact of his story on rdshirts lives in a way that brings touching closure to the whole affair.

Scalzi gets yet another Media Deal 20 Dec 07, Not sure I liked the 4th wall being broken at all. As trying to find out what’s going on is almost equatable to staying alive, Andrew sets out to do just that, and scallzi he finds out about the ship is as crazy and unbelievable as it is true. It’s a low three and I could have safely missed it. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

They wanted a novel but I am still wary of trying anything of that length… Sounds like a great book, I look forward to reading it. Redshigts for nothing, Scalzi! Ooops, I think we just shocked Kirky and friends view spoiler [Spocky doesn’t look that shocked now, does he? My one problem with this book is that it makes me feel a little threatened.