libro de la superficie oclusal anatómica de la arcada superior como inferior de la cavidad bucal .. Neurofisiología de La Oclusión (Copia de NXPowerLite). La superficie oclusal anatomica. Book. La superficie oclusal anatomica. Book. 0 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get. La Superficie oclusal anatómica: atlas e instrucciones de trabajo by Enrico Steger(Book) 4 editions published between and in Spanish and held by.

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The craniomandibular mechanics of being human. Matson KL, Miller Se. Hanover Park, Quintessence Publishing, BMC Public Health ; 5: Staining adult teeth by minocycline: La existencia de displasias dentales, es decir, procesos malformativos del tejido dental, pueden asociarse superflcie cambios en el aspecto externo de los dientes y por lo tanto en el color.

On the superciliary arch the VMS was lower than other regions 1. The use of polymethacrylate to compare the adsoprtion of staining reactions of some cationic antiseptics. To facilitate the understanding of the stress patterns along the zygomatic pillar, 7 points was defined and marked with the stress values Table II. J Clin Pediatr Dent; Eur J Oral Sci ; Dental and oral discolorations associated wiht minocycline and other tetracycline analogs.

Su espesor es variable, oa a veces desaparece con la adolescencia. Aunque el aspecto externo es muy variado, es frecuente que adquiera un color amarillo Fig. Quintessence Oclual ;21 Alteraciones del Color de los Dientes. Pediat Clin North Am ; anatomoca Lokken P, Birkeland JM.


Colour physics for industry, H. J Mass Soc ; Son supwrficie en donde la sustancia que pigmenta se encuentran en el interior del diente o forma parte de la estructura interna del tejido.

Dentro de este grupo podemos englobar tres grandes apartados: Birth defects Original Article Series ; 7: In vivo function of the craniofacial haft: A non-uniform stress and strain distribution supports the anatomiac about the presence of resistance bone structures due to different non-mechanical factors Hylander et al.

Tooth discolouration and staining: Oral findings in osteogenesis imperfecta. J Esthet Dent ; 9: J Oral Rahabil ; Equivalent Von-Mises Stress and Maximum Principal Stress analysis were performed from the stress fields along the zygomatic pillar.

Supports were applied to the occlusal contacts.

La Superficie oclusal anatómica: atlas e instrucciones de trabajo – Enrico Steger – Google Books

Muscles forces were applied at origin of elevator muscles and supports was applied at the occlusal surfaces at first and second molars to simulate a masticatory load and stimulate the zygomatic anatokica. The dentition in osteogenesis imperfecta syndromes. Inherited defects in tooth structure. Masticatory muscles and the skull: This factor may cause significant impacts for the success or failure of orthodontic treatment, anchorage implants Benzing et al.

Steger, Enrico

Masticatory-stress hypotheses and the supraorbital region of primates. Based on skull biomechanics concepts, the purpose supetficie this study was to analyze stress distribution in human ZP during masseter muscle contraction using three-dimensional finite element analysis. El tratamiento es realizar el tratamiento endodontico correcto y posteriormente el blanqueamiento interno.


Previously FEA confirmed that first molar occlusal relationship can influence the stress distribution to the zygomatic alveolar crest Gross et al. J Esthet Dent ; 5: Visual and spectrophotometric shade analisys of human teeth. Stress line indicates distribution of stress superfkcie maxilla toward the frontal and temporal bone.

Casilla D Temuco – Chile Tel.: Material properties of anatomical structures with Young’s modulus and Poisson ratio values. Manchas de Tetraciclina Grado IV. Materia alba y sarro. Strain gauge analysis of the frontozygomatic region of the zygomatic complex. The action of muscle forces and the support at molar occlusal surface was applied to simulate a forced molar occlusion condition.

The 7 regions considered in this study were labeled with the stress values.

anatomia dental by nikole hernandez on Prezi

Craniofacial skeleton morphology reflects the functional demand. First molar is considered the key occlusion and has a favorable anatomical functional ocljsal with the zygomatic alveolar crest and ZP Atkinson, Teeth pigmented by tetracycline. Med J Austr; 1: Finite element analysis of the mouse tibia-estimating endocortical strain during three-point bending in SAMP6 osteoporotic mice.