Find your Ford Owner Manual by signing in, entering your year, make and model, or by entering your VIN. Print or read through a PDF of your Owner Manual. Excellent Condition -NEW – Ford Explorer Sport TracOwners Manual withInteractive Owner Experience CD-Rom Disc. Super clean set of manuals. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Ford Explorer Sport Trac Repair Manual – Vehicle Maintenance from AutoZone. Get Yours Today! We have the best.

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Download the Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owners Manual in PDF Format

The customer warranty may be void for any damage to the fuel tank or fuel system if the correct genuine Ford or Motorcraft fuel filler cap is not used. ON, fxplorer check each tire to verify that no tire is flat. Hold the brake pedal down while in this position.

Check to see if the anchors hold the seat in place. If a replacement oil filter is used that does not meet Ford material and design specifications, start-up engine noises or knock may be experienced.

The Engine coolant temperature indicator will be on.

Find Your Owner Manual | Official Ford Owner Site

Autolamp delay time in seconds values of 0, 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, or and wraps back to 0. These quality accessories have been specifically engineered to fulfill your automotive needs; they are custom designed to complement the style and aerodynamic appearance of your vehicle.


Push the lever toward the instrument panel to activate. Also, use ownsrs safety belt extension only if the safety belt is too short for you when fully extended. Page 49 The system is working properly. Center at FORD. Maintenance and Specifications chapter.

2005 Ford Explorer Owners Manual

Turn the screw counterclockwise until you hear an audible click. The cold inflation pressure should never be set lower than the recommended pressure on the vehicle label. Lower the wheel by turning the jack handle counterclockwise. Information on transfer case operation and shifting procedures can be found in this chapter. Go to the front of the vehicle and release the auxiliary exploreg that is located under the front center of the hood.

Air Filter s 3. It will load and automatically begin to play. Ford recommends the use of a digital or dial-type tire pressure gauge rather than a stick-type tire pressure gauge.

Maximum Load Single lb. Dual play is when the rear seat passengers choose to listen to a different playing media than the front seat passengers. The specific jacks are as follows: Refer to the payload description and graphic in the Vehicle loading — with and without a trailer section.

The horn will chirp once to confirm the procedure msnual complete.

Automotive fluids are not interchangeable; do not use engine coolant, antifreeze or windshield washer fluid outside of its specified function and vehicle location. To clean these items, follow these tips: If failure repeats, bring your vehicle to your authorized dealer to have the new key s programmed. It can also warn you in the event the system is no longer capable of functioning as intended. The service is available: Fully install the engine oil filler cap by turning the filler cap clockwise until three clicks can be heard.


Ford Explorer Owners Manual | eBay

Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant from yellow to golden tan. Cell phone use The use of Mobile Communications Equipment has become increasingly important in the conduct of business and personal affairs.

The system is working properly. Always sit upright against your seatback, with your feet on the floor. The tire pressure should be checked periodically at least monthly using an accurate tire gauge, refer to Inflating your tires in this chapter.

An MP3 disc with folders will show F folder T track in the display. To close, lower the lid and turn latch clockwise to lock. If you need to arrange roadside assistance for yourself, Ford Motor Company will reimburse a reasonable amount for towing to the nearest dealership within 35 miles. Move the control in the sort you wish to tilt the mirror.

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