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x. Report 22 TCN (Xu ly dat yeu bang bac tham).pdf Documents · 22 TCN 22 TCN Cat gia co xi mang – TCN Pham vi. 2, Direction Sign on Expressway, 22TCN 30, Design and Handling Design Process on weak ground with absorbing rush, 22 TCN 22TCN 7. Standard for soft soil treatment design with PVD. 22TCN – 8. Geo-textiles in construction of embankment on soft soil.

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Kc — Depending on earthquake level as in Table II Page 30 of Determination of stress at M2 for calculating stress due to berm block at central point of the embankment at the depth z: Settlement monitoring regulations shall be stipulated in design: Its compaction density is required to obtain 0.

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Bamboo stakes shall be driven. L — Length of PBDs m.

Observation time for the trial work should be from months. Requirements on 244-998 stability Page 2 of 40 22 TCN – Embankment on soft soil should be stable, undamaged due to changes in the construction of 222tcn embankment is carried out in accordance with design or carried out with elevation over the one in design for pre-loading and in operation 22tccn.

Sc VI-4 with meaning and determination of m is as same as in VI. Cr can also be calculated according to unloading line in Figure 1. The conditions IV-4a and IV-4b shall be satisfactory with every depth z within embankment bottom down completely to depth of sand piles or PBD installation. Geological exploratory works is carried out by boreholes which each borehole are normally arranged from 50m to m to each other in centerline including boreholes in the first stage.


U — Forecasted consolidation level can be gained from the beginning of first embankment until that of the second one: After construction of embankment.

Calculation of consolidation settlement Sc VI.

Embankment 22tcn soft soil must be commenced earliest. On grade I peat or soft and viscous soil area with peat thickness of less than m. Classic or Bishop Method with circular displacement surface deepening down into soft soil shall 24-98 adopted as the basic method for calculation of embankment stability on soft soil.

Classification of soil physical state For preliminary evaluation of soft soil characteristics, then consider the corresponding subgrade design alternatives, based on its physical state the soft soil is classified as follows.

Minimum dimension of settlement instruments is 50cm x 50cm with thickness of 3cm or more. It is unneccesary to arrange sand drains or PBDs to reach the area that is under impacts 222tcn embanking load as mentioned in Article III.


Determination of calculated loads II. The Abac is to determine vertical compression stress caused by underground embankment b. If the embankment height 2449-8 low.

Methods for undisturbed sampling. For convenience of implementation of direct embankment on soft soil good conditions for traffic on soft soil and firm compaction of the first layer. Settlement instruments are placed at beginning elevation point of the embankment: If the calculation results satisfy the requirements in Article II.


Trung Luong – My Thuan Expressway Stage 1 – Implementing project

Any soil types even organic soil can be used for pre-loading embankment. This option is also not suitable for soft soil types such as grade III mud and clayey mud. In each borehole mentioned in Article III. G — Weight of one vehicle the heaviest one.

Buffering sand layer shall be arranged between soft soil layer and embankment in order to increase consolidation drainage capacity under the soft soil layer upwards natural ground by effect of embankment loading capacity. Estimation of total settlement 22tnc and instant settlement Si VI. Settlement depth of soft soil under affection of embankment loading capacity or scope of affection by embankment loading capacity za shall be determined in accordance with the conditions as follow: Calculated loads in checking stability and forecasting settlement of embankment on soft soil include loads of embanking and pre-loading.

Embankment materials shall be good water-reserving ones such as sand.