The modern day Bible is believed by scholars to have at least 50, errors. In this book, Ahmed Deedat gives a number of errors with their explanations in a. Jimmy Swaggart Vs Ahmed Deedat “Is The Bible the Word of God” Brand Name: Islamic Propagation Center International Swaggart: Mightiest Christian. numerous contradictions in the bible According to most Christians, Jesus was God-incarnate, fully man (b) Four hundred and seventy thousand (I Chronicles ) .. Ahmad Deedat’s list of errors in the Bible. .. (a) Yes (Matthew ).

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The inspired Hebrew text clearly says Ahaziah was 42 years old. Should I include the thousands of errors in ahmwd hadith as well? So why still do we have slowpoke, cripples, all physically challenged from birth. After that, Jesus decided to go to Galilee John 1: Arabs — The Seed of Abraham peace be upon him. The Bible is in contradiction with itself in explaining paradise. Then it falls prostrate and remains there until it is asked: Bible agrees with Islam, not with pagan trinity.


Before I decided to quote you I said to myself how do I explain to this person seeing you dont believe in Gods existence. The author leaves the impression that i he gcxxl news or gospel is not in be preached because this text containing such admonition is noi authentic.

xhmed Keturah — Wife or Concubine? A listing of contradicting errors in the Bible. Forgery of Matthew Your answer is what i have for you. God is tired and rests Ex Keep in mind that the Sinaitic and the Vatican No.

50000 Errors in Bible by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

As soon as he settled down, I produced the full reproduction of what you see below. So where is the proof in these terms that Jesus was God when the word son is not exclusively used for him alone? When Jesus entered Capernaum deeda healed the slave of a centurion.

Most of these so-called errors have been corrected by modern translators. Jesus killed his enemies when he was strong and they were weak. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Can the finite and the infinite be one? In addition, the Bible shows that God repented on several other occasions:.


That is the beginning of those physically challenged you mention and they were perfect. Is God three-in-one and one in three simultaneously or one at a time? God knows the hearts of men Acts 1: September 29, at 9: The Martyrs of Christianity?

They were interpolations similar to 1 John 5: Paul Versus the Disciples. The Bible seems to clearly support this.

No word or number was written from memory but each word was carefully checked before he recopied it.

The Gospels say that Jesus cursed a fig tree. Is the Word of God Eternal?

More Than Errors In The Bible – Religion – Nigeria

No opening is left for another two times. It would happen at the time when faith will not benefit one who has not previously believed or has derived no good from the faith.

It was Herodias, the wife of Herod who wanted to kill him. A good book talking about history of christianity. February 3, at 1: