A Linguistic Theory of Translation (Language and Language Learning) [J.C. Catford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics. Front Cover. J. C. Catford. Oxford University Press, – Linguistics – pages. Get this from a library! A linguistic theory of translation, by j.c. catford.. [J c Catford].

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The ambiguity itself a feature of the English language —the SL is a functionally relevant feature of the situation. Paul Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Translation.

The system is complicated by syncretisms: An additional modification, reduced r is occasionally useful. We illustrate with English, Japanese and French: From the point of view of translation-theory, linguistuc, it may be regarded as translation from the L 2 into the L 1; at the phonological level only, since it is replacement of L 2 phonology by translqtion L, phonology lexis and grammar remaining unchanged.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation

By superimposing these two system-diagrams we get an indica- tion of translation equivalences: Gilly rated it liked it May 08, Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. But the process is further complicated in ways discussed in Chapter 10 below. Yet reflection shows and, in theory, this could be experimentally verified that an SL lexical item in these circumstances does not fully retain its SL meaning.

No categories specified categorize this paper. In English grammar we have units such as sentence, clause and group: Both types of medium substance have a certain patterning or organization imposed upon them by medium-form. The structures which actually occur are: Normally, the co-text shows which part of the total contextual meaning of s verxu is function- ally relevant, and translation presents no problem.


General Phonetics is yranslation theory of phonic substance: This is the homme I voi-ed and This is the rajul I shuf-ed. The substantial features relevant to a phono- logical unit or item are sounds produced in a human vocal tract.

The units which operate as exponents of these elements are themselves groups. Bruno Osimo – – Sign Systems Studies 30 2: This, then, is the textual liguistic of My son is six. He is translated by Amer. In many cases a change of style or register involves a corres- ponding change of dialect or even language.

We may express it in the actual figures, e. Clearly, then, transslation in an English TL text, or, now, simply in an English text, sputnik has an English formal and contextual meaning. It rests on the SL items prislas verxuNiznego, and these illustrate all three of the causes of linguistic untranslatability referred to above. Anica Glodjovic – – Facta Universitatis 8 2: In many other languages e. The English nominal group a doctor has as its equivalent the Russian nominal group doktor.

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We refer to the item under j.c.catfoed as the node or nodal item, and the items with which it collocates as its collocates. The following are exam- ples of English tone-groups the pitch-pattern being roughly indicated by lines drawn over the texts.

Linguistic Theory of Translation

A Scotsman in France went to buy an ice-cream cone at a kiosk. Thus, to take another example, com- paring the following English SL text and TL texts in French and Russian, linuistic see a possible use for the distinction between zero and nil.


In normal total translation the grammatical units between which translation equivalences are set up may be at any rank, trsnslation in a long text the ranks at which translation equivalence occur are constantly changing: S verxu, iz Niznego, da ne prisla, From above, from Lower and not came-on-foot. No trivia or quizzes yet. The letter B is thus the English translitera- tion-equivalent of the Russian 6.

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A Linguistic Theory of Translation, J. C. Catford by Arianne Des Rochers on Prezi

Formal linguistic differences— differences between the SL and the TL organization of situation-substance — lead to translation failure only when the SL formal feature is itself a textually-functionally-relevant feature. It is a way, perhaps the most important way, in which human beings interact in social situations. This groupment varies from one language to another. But looking at it as limguistic piece of graphology in its own right, we might have suggested that the graphological feature italicization of I was translated grammatically into French.

The thory group classes are Verbaloperating at P in clause structure, Nominal, operating at S or C h.c.catford clause structure, and Adverbialoperating at A in clause structure. The English TL text reads: For any particular language, of course, there is an arbitrary relationship between graphological and phonological 3 units.

It is possible, however, to make a translation which is total in the sense given in 2. Translation, as a process, is always uni-directional: