Write array to ByteArray: ByteArray «Development «Flash / Flex / ActionScript. is it possible to write past the null byte into the ByteArray()?. Of course it is. ByteArray — is a chunk of raw data. You can write whatever you like there, and you. As the name suggests, a byte array allows you to work with binary data by storing it Most of the uses of byte arrays in ActionScript are fairly specialized, but an.

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So, the vector above is a vector of numbers. Clears the contents of the byte array and resets the length and position byteareay to 0.

ByteArray supports writing with the following methods: Continuing with the day of the week example, it is unlikely that the number of days in a week will change anytime soon. The actionsript details of how objects are serialized with AMF is beyond the scope of this article. Valid values are defined as constants in the CompressionAlgorithm class.

Writes an IEEE double-precision bit floating-point number to the byte stream. The position property is set to 0. Related API Elements compress flash. The length of the ByteArray object, in bytes.


ActionScript – Null Bytes in ByteArray – Stack Overflow

Writes a multibyte string to the byte stream using the specified character actionscrit. Reads a signed bit integer from the byte stream. The lzma algorithm was added for Flash Player This is accomplished using the following steps: Position This reveals another significant difference between the way ByteArrays and standard arrays work: As you may have noticed from the previous examples, you need to know the type and order of the data added to the ByteArray in order to read it back out correctly.

The returned value is in the range to The position property is set to the end of the byte array. A Vector of seven byearray could be visualized as:.

Show Inherited Public Properties. Reads a UTF-8 string from the byte stream.

Returns Number — A double-precision bit floating-point number. The length and bytesAvailable properties tell you how long a ByteArray is and how many bytes remain in it from the current position to the end. The ability to access a shared byte array from multiple workers simultaneously can result in an undesirable situation where both workers are manipulating the byte array’s underlying memory at the same time.


ByteArray – AS3

Reading and writing data First, you will notice that you used writeBoolean when you added data to the ByteArray. Boolean — A Boolean value determining which byte is written. If the value for the charSet parameter is not recognized by the current system, the application uses the system’s default code page as the character set. Indicates whether an object has a specified property defined. Indicates whether the specified property exists and is enumerable. You must have those player versions, or later, to use lzma compression.

Reading and writing a ByteArray

If you are writing an object of a custom type into a Ationscript, it will be stored as a generic Object. Reads a signed byte from the byte stream. Notice how a code segment is added at the end to check for end of file errors to ensure that the byte stream is actionscrjpt read past its end.

Likewise, in order to decode data compressed in a format such as gzip or zip, you can’t simply call inflate on that data. Boolean Reads a Boolean value from the byte stream.