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Sep 1, Supersedes AFI , 20 December Pages: Distribution: F. This instruction sets procedures and standards on implementing. Start studying AFI chs. 1, 3 & 7. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Oct 31, AFI , Classifying Military Personnel (Officer and Enlisted), contains .. Qualify for aviation service according to AFI , Aviation and.

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Ironically, the change automatically reduced the ratings of all 24 existing Military Aviators because of a prerequisite of three years experience as a JMA before becoming eligible for MA. The USAF awards navigator ratings at three levels: This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors. The policy of awarding rated officers a temporary advancement in grade was also terminated.

U.S. Air Force aeronautical rating | Military Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

To establish formal standards of certification, the Army created the Military Aviator rating and published requirements on 20 April The new ratings, however, proved to be only a demobilization expedient and lasted less than nine months.

This table defines requirements for all seven categories of ratings. NavigatorSenior Navigatorand Master Navigatorafl active duty officers and officers considered “rated assets” in the Air Reserve Components.

War Department General Order No. Pilot-physicians are eligible for advanced ratings as both flight surgeons and pilots.

An additional rating, Reserve Military Aviatorwas created on 3 June for all pilots rated during World War Iwith all ranks and grades being temporary. After attaining status as a pilot-physician, all hours flown as a pilot, and months of operational flying duty credit accrued as a pilot, are “dual-credited” toward both advanced pilot and flight surgeon ratings as long as the officer is on aeronautical orders as an active pilot-physician. Arnoldon 5 July Pilot-physicians were previously assigned only to an operational flying squadron in their respective aircraft, with their zfi assignment as a pilot, but also with clinical duties seeing patients, usually the flight medicine clinic, depending on the pilot-physician’s medical specialty.


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U.S. Air Force aeronautical rating

In the Army formalized the requirement, creating a new advanced rating of Military Airplane Pilotsetting 12 years as a rated pilot and 2, hours of flight time as the standard. For all categories of aeronautical ratings, to be eligible for the rating and to wear the appropriate badge, an officer must be medically qualified to fly and also be qualified by flying status proficiency.

InCongress established the Aviation Section, U.

Only those few rated officers not assigned in orders to the “Aviation Section, Signal Reserve for regular and frequent flights” were commissioned as second lieutenants. The following additional criteria are required to be rated as a USAF air battle manager:. The USAF awards combat systems operator ratings at sfi levels: Between 111-402 and March pilot ratings were revised to the permanent three-tier system with objective standards that exists today, with a total of eight ratings overall.

Seven years of military flying experience and 2, logged hours qualified a pilot as an “airplane commander” in the GHQAF. Beginning inthe rating of navigator was retitled, replaced by the aeronautical rating of combat systems officer CSOwith the same badge insignia as navigator. In addition about 51 enlisted men have the rating of airplane pilot, junior airplane pilot, or airship pilot.

Under a program that began in the fall of to replace the “Joint Specialized Undergraduate Navigator Training” course, portions of the previous navigator and electronic warfare officer training courses were combined into a curriculum with the objective of developing an aviator with cross-flow capability between the two positions on combat aircraft.

In the Air Service also revised its pilot training program, adopting the “A Plan”, which divided pilot ratings between Junior Airplane Pilot completion of primary training, normally an enlisted rating and Airplane Pilot completion of advanced training. Kelly were killed together in the Philippines before theirs were delivered.


Air Force aeronautical ratings are military aviation skill standards established and awarded by the United States Air Force for commissioned officers participating in “regular and frequent flight”, 1-1402 1] 11-042 aerially or in space, in performance of their duties.

The USAF awards observer ratings at three levels: The purpose of pilot-physicians is to provide “integrated operational and aerospace medicine guidance” in the research, development, testing, and evaluation of Air Force systems and missions to realize the greatest effectiveness and cost savings.

Sign In Don’t have an account? The Flight Surgeon rating received its own distinctive gold badge on 3 Marchwhich was changed to the standard oxidized silver wings in to avoid confusion with naval aviator badges.

On 21 April the Pilot-Physician Program PPP was completely revised to make “the most of the special resources of Air Force officers who are simultaneously qualified both as pilots and flight surgeons,” with a senior pilot-physician selected by the Air Force Surgeon General to be Program Director, and assignment of designated command, staff, research, training, and education billets as well as duty in operational units.

Arnold were adopted, standardizing ratings requirements as:. Two levels of qualification were specified in War Department Bulletin No. Millingboth of whom had also received the first ratings with Arnold on 5 July After only Combat Systems Officers receive ratings formerly awarded to navigators, as the occupational field is being phased out.

Park was killed in an accident before G.

The following additional criteria are required for rating as a USAF combat systems officer:. Although in much smaller numbers, enlisted personnel were 111-402 eligible to be rated until