Afterworlds [Scott Westerfeld] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Afterworlds is a fiction novel by New York Times bestselling author Scott Westerfeld that was published on September 23, The slogan for the book is . “Afterworlds is a wonderful book for any young person with an interest in growing up to be a writer.” —New York Times. “Get plenty; this one won’t stay on the.

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She moves to New York to find a place where she can write, but there there, she finds love – and a little bit of herself.

Book Review: ‘Afterworlds,’ By Scott Westerfeld | : NPR

Novels Uglies Pretties Specials Extras They speak of YA authors frequently borrowing from Jane Austen. Afterworldsto me, is a work of art.

Nobody’s first drafts are that good. Have any of them ever spoken to an eleven-year-old? I was also surprised to find that Darcy the YA author’s story arc, particularly her pre-pub debut year and her first grown-up relationship, was the one I responded to more strongly.

In ‘Afterworlds,’ A Teen Imagines Worlds Within Worlds

At the end of the day I just thought both of the stories were pretty boring when I looked at the bigger picture. Oct 04, Eilonwy rated it liked it Shelves: Both girls represent strong fantasies of independence, excitement and significant responsibility in fresh new worlds.


The author’s humorous, razor-sharp observations of YA culture are fascinating and feel familiar to anyone who’s on Twitter, attended industry events, or even been present at business gatherings where there’s frantic ennui and kindly condescension in the ranks, though I wonder how interesting that will be to those who aren’t somewhat invested in publishing. I love this times infinity.

The Afterworld is a place between the living and the dead, and where many unsolved—and terrifying—stories need to be reconciled. She has almost a year to submit her final revisions before publication.

The 2nd story is Afterworlds, the novel Darcy has written. It means sleepless nights rewriting her first draft and struggling to find the perfect ending View all 20 comments.

But many do make it, and many become overnight juggernauts.

Her mom is a complete moron. The third paragraph was pure flattery, because Darcy wanted very much for the Underbridge Literary Agency to say yes to her.

So, I kinda loved this book, its intelligence, its meta-awareness, and the way a lovely coming-of-age story is packaged inside a clever satire-bordering-on-love-story to the YA publishing world. The rest of this paragraph will contain spoilers. And initially, it was. It took me a long time to feel immersed in Afterworldsboth Darcy’s story and Lizzie’s story, and to stop feeling like I was reading blogs or articles instead.

Afterworlds (Afterworlds #1) by Scott Westerfeld

She survives a terrorist attack and gains the ability to see the dead and travel to the Flipside, where she can talk to ghosts and interact with others like her. So I kept putting it off, week after week. I could be completely off-base, and maybe I am seeing what I want to see because I want an excuse for liking this book as much So, I kinda loved this book, its intelligence, its meta-awareness, and the way a lovely coming-of-age story is packaged inside a clever satire-bordering-on-love-story to the YA publishing world.


I think this is just a personality mismatch and since I aftegworlds that relatively early on and quit readingI’ll refrain from assigning a star-score.


No one gets paid that much for a first book. That’s the dream, right? More books afteworlds this author: Missed her lease renewal deadline.

Most reviewers felt that Darcy’s story was the stronger of the two. Shay’s Story Uglies: I’m still convinced that opening scene in the airport scoott a proper attention-catcher. I couldn’t picture most of the people but the settings are great and very creepy in Afterworlds, and didn’t care that much about them by the end. In one exceptional moment, she becomes exceptional herself. She westerfepd Lizzie and her story in a frantic burst of writing during NaNoWriMo and sold the resulting novel also called Afterworlds and its untitled, unwritten sequel for a six-figure advance.