: Potentialities: Collected Essays in Philosophy (): Giorgio Agamben, Daniel Heller-Roazen: Books. Giorgio Agamben is one of the leading figures in Italian philosophy and radical . This is the problem of potentiality, the rethinking of which Agamben takes to be. This article discusses the notion of a pure potentiality in Giorgio Agamben and argues that it is central to his thought. It is unavoidable if we wish to understand.

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Now since it is the work of one science to investigate opposites, and plurality is opposite to unity, and it belongs to one potentialiy to investigate the negation agamnen the privation because in both cases we are really investigating unity, to which the negation or the privation refers for we either say simply that unity is not present, or that it agambne not present in some particular class: Are they already present in the situation, or do they have to be actively created?

In this way then, the relation of potentiality to actuality described by Aristotle accords perfectly with the logic of the ban that Agamben argues is characteristic of sovereign power, thereby revealing the fundamental integration of metaphysics and politics.

This is why freedom is freedom for both good and evil.

Giorgio Agamben (1942– )

While this relation is central to the passage of voice to speech or signification and to attaining toward the experience of language as such, Agamben also claims that in this formulation Aristotle bequeaths to Western philosophy the paradigm of sovereignty, since it reveals the undetermined or sovereign founding of being.

Essays, Aphorisms, Autobiographical Writingsed. Let us look briefly at the claims Agamben makes in relation to Aristotle.

Here we have the place of the alpha-privative as pointing towards what is neither not one thing nor not something in relation to another, but, since it is negated with a privation and not a negation, still points to a presence or existence of some sort.


Against juridical accounts of responsibility that would understand it in terms of sponsorship, debt and culpabililty, Agamben argues that responsibility must be thought as fundamentally unassumable, as something which the subject is consigned to, but which it can never fully appropriate as its own. In this volume, Foucault argued that modern power was characterized by a fundamentally different rationality than that of sovereign power.

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Politics between the Possible and the Impossible Broschur, Seiten. Stanford University Press,wgamben. If they consider essences, it is to exhaust it in existence, to make it exist. Agamben returns to this thematic within a critical analysis of the definition of potentiqlity as the being that has language in his recent book, The Open.

First published in Three fundamental concepts organize the collection as a whole: These reflections on metaphysics and language thus yield two inter-related problems for Agamben, which he addresses in his subsequent work; the first of these lies in the broad domain of aesthetics, in which Agamben considers the stakes of the appropriation of language in prose and poetry in order to further critically interrogate the distinction between philosophy and poetry.

In taking up the problem of community, Agamben enters into a broader engagement with this concept by others such as Maurice Blanchot and Jean-Luc Nancy, and in the Anglo-American scene, Alphonso Lingis.

There is a contradiction in this project, however. This volume is indicative of Agamben’s broad range of interests. Blackwell,pp.

Il potere sovrano e la nuda vitaGiulio Einuadi, The broad aim of the engagement is to develop a conception aggamben community that does not presuppose commonality or identity as a condition of belonging.

How you are, how the world is—this is the irreparable Back to the Factory.


Agamben, Giorgio | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

All these topics converge in the final part of the book, in which Agamben potentialkty an extensive reading of Melville’s short story “Bartleby the Scrivener” as a work that puts potentiality and actuality, possibility and reality, in an altogether new light.

Introduction Mark Potocnik, Frank Ruda, Strategy and the Passions. Remnants of Auschwitztr. The Complete Works of Aristotlevol.

Studies in Poeticstr. Three fundamental concepts organize the collection as a whole: Here we return to the beginning. Aristotle, however, does not make this sharp distinction between privation and negation, as we can see in the way he relates them in the quote above.

More importantly though, for Agamben, this indicates the fact that Western politics is founded upon that which agamgen excludes from politics—the natural life that is simultaneously set outside the domain of the political but nevertheless implicated in bios politicos.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional agsmben.

State of Exceptiontr. A bit earlier, Aristotle himself states:.

But what interests us here most is the conflation of the two aspects of sovereignty and its effects: La Parola e il fantasma nella cultura occidentaleGiulio Einuadi, Turin, Taking up the problem of skepticism in relation to the Nazi concentration camps of World War II—also discussed by Jean-Francois Lyotard and others—Agamben casts Remnant s as an attempt to listen to a lacuna in survivor testimony, in which the factual condition of the camps cannot be made to coincide with that which is said about them.