Ein Mord wird angekündigt (Originaltitel A Murder Is Announced) ist der Kriminalroman von Agatha Christie. . Express () • Das Haus an der Düne ( ) • Dreizehn bei Tisch () • Mord im Orient-Express () • Nikotin ( ). Results 1 – 29 of 29 Murder on the Orient Express: Starring John: Christie, Agatha and. Stock Image Agatha Christie: Five Complete Hercule Poirot Novels. Murder of the Orient .. Mord Im Orientexpress/Murder on the Orient Express. Agatha. All in all, the plot is typical Agatha Christie with myriad characters and a highly complicated summation. There’s nothing bad here, but there’s nothing new or.

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Use the bucket with footprint cast on the shoes found in the cabinet. He enlists Miss Marceau to collect evidence and help solve the mystery of who, of all the characters christoe the train, is the murderer. A Greek physician joined the train here. Check the suitcases on the overhead rack. She opened the door to Ratchett’s room by mistake. Rummage through the suitcases and you’ll end up with a little box and another handkerchief. This introduction requires the player to run into a few odd people and help them with a few odd requests.

Place it on first square. Take the Coney Island in NY postcard. Kitchen – Enter and take turkey baster from drawer under the pastries.

Das Geheimnis von Sittaford

The Princess also has a puzzle box hidden in her suitcase. Use it to push the padlock. Slide bottom panel to right back to normal. Collect all reference prints from suspects. Letitia ist nicht Letitia, sondern Charlotte Blacklock.


The hidden tag of the suitcases is HMK. You’re going to want to make a mold of these and compare them to the shoes in people’s cabins. Take the path that goes up to the snow bank. Talk to Arbuthnot and MacQueen.

Examine the stiletto in inventory, turn it around and see that there’s dried blood. Look at the photograph in inventory. Go forward until the large rock at the center. He’ll also give you his passport and fingerprints. Place the makeshift telegraph key on table. Talk to Greta Ohlsson.

Hut – The door is padlocked. Cabin Lucien – Get Lucien’s passport. See a train attendant climb on board. Hubbard will be too agathha to talk, so question and fingerprint the bartender instead.

The window was open. The clues start stacking up and it’s easier if you write them all down. Antoinette exits the train in Belgrade. Go back to the 2 men and talk to them. The box is opened. Cabin Schmidt – Debenham – Check the hatbox on the overhead rack and see the hat frame is not the right kind.

Her fingerprint is taken. You should get the following: Komplettlsung outside to the front of the train. Cabin Schmidt – Debenham – Take Debenham’s passport from the table. Inside the fridge, grab the orange juice, and grab the bowl full of batter near the stove before exiting. They’ll move to the side, and before you go on to the next screen, grab a bag of grain from the stack on your orientexpresss.


Combine bent butter knife, hammer and large nails to komplettlsunv makeshift telegraph key.

Das Geheimnis von Sittaford – Wikipedia

Look outside the window. Go to them and use the glasses as well as the metal spouts to get a cup of each oil and vinegar.

Trains are small, long, and not very wide. The case is solved!

Place a hat frame on the side table. Bunny musste sterben, weil sie davon wusste und immer mehr durcheinander kam mit den Namen Letty und Lotty.

This will show you that Mrs. You and he will conclude that the road match and cigar were Ratchett’s while the pipe and flat match were someone else’s. Ratchett American man who is brutish and makes crude remarks at you.

Poirot now asks you which solution to tell the police and you choose the first: Ratchett’s crate in Security room. Walk all the way to the Engineer’s Cab and talk to the man there. Count and Countess – Talk to the Count about the passport. Baggage car – Go forward and check every crate.

A tip led them to 2 men in a farmhouse.