Akai ASQ10 Service Manual ASQ 10 ASQ Akai ASQ10 Original Factory Service Manual and Schematic Diagrams. Contact us if you don’t see the. Info. asq 10_front. NAME: ASQ TYPE: Sequencer. MANUFACTURER: Akai. YEAR: DAY RATE: WEEKLY RATE: hi – does anyone have or know anyone who has an asq 10 manual? I did DL the MPC manual form , but would.

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Song mode is fairly simple, as it should be, and is just a matter of entering sequences in their correct order to chain them together. This sequencer is in excellent shape and working great. All the more strange when most of us make up drum tracks in the sequencer, rather than on the drum machine, to gain the advantages that the technique offers.

Features disk drive, 4 parallel midi out ports, 2 midi in ports, sync in and out.

Akai MPC Forums – Akai ASQ user manual? : Getting Started With MPCs

The backlight is in good condition. One covers all the sequences and tracks and is known as the ‘master’.

Unfortunately, although the Linn LM1 and Linn Drum were very successful in their time, Roger Linn bit off a little more than he could chew when he produced the Linn The parts alone are worth more than the BIN price, these machines from are pretty rare nowadays.

Strong internal battery, new display foil and latest OS 3. aka

Fully checked and working perfectly. I just had the contrast adjustment turned a little off. Some 16 inches deep and 14 inches wide, it claims to ‘fit easily under the arm’.

Incoming MIDI note numbers can be assigned drum names from a possible list of thirty-two. A must for anyone wanting their sequencer to swing! This is the godfather of sequencers. Before that, I used it five and six nights a week for live music in dance clubs. Normally, you are invited to record in the realtime quantise mode.


Normal records velocity data as played. This was when it was working OK. If you are a sustain user, as I am, then you will doubtless be aware of the possibility – probability!

It’s too big to put into a nutshell, and I have had to skim over several features that go towards the VFM value for money rating of this machine, such as Tap Tempo can you guess what that does? One good point is that notes can be edited apart from duration, which you have to enter asqq from the MIDI keyboard.

The ASQ 10, bearing the Linn name, is a heavyweight sequencer in all senses. Furthermore, tempo can be manul to a resolution of 0.

That was my reaction when I dropped the ASQ 10 manual on my toe. The first thing you’ll need kaai find to record a sequence is the main operating screen. It has a lot of great features such as two MIDI inputs and four outputs so no merge and splitter boxes saq to connect equipment without daisy-chaining. Something I found extremely useful was to have a simultaneous display of bar and beat, and also the elapsed time. And very straightforward and useful they are too.

AKAI ASQ sequencer with manual, MPC’s sequencer, ASQ10 | #

Step-time recording can be done in Step Edit mode. Cream color is faded. Selling as a faulty unit due to the following: Ass can be made to the note number, Note On and Note Off velocity, and duration. This unit has the MPC 60 3. Note that this is not a way of increasing the number of available MIDI channels above 16, as in some other sequencers.


It must have been quite a coup for Akai to enlist Linn’s help in designing their new range of professional products, which includes the MPC 60, a successor to the Linn That’s pushing it a little, aq it is better than lugging about an Atari ST with monitor and keyboard. You really have to use this feature to appreciate the advantages. I will ship to Europe from Helsinki, Finland. The MIDI messages which can be selectively filtered out are: Sound On Sound – May The scratches, not really skai when the display is on.

Modern sequencers like ableton are too rigid and robotic.

AKAI ASQ-10 sequencer with manual, MPC-60’s sequencer, ASQ10

No problems with this. The ASQ 10 looks after the sustain footswitch in a different way. Overall in ok condition for its age. Classic bit of kit that requires an good home.

The ASQ 10 is always ready to receive external sync and does not need to be switched into ‘sync ready’ mode. Many sequencers store MIDI channel assignments as part of the track data, so that you can eventually mix several MIDI channels onto one track and have them play different instruments.

With Auto Step Increment selected, play in some notes and they will line up on time values according to the quantisation interval selected. Same sequencer as the MPC You are invited to record on track 1 of sequence 1 and, as you can asa, they are both currently empty. Privatverkauf nach EU-Recht, d.

A file which will load automatically on power-up may also be created.