Alankara, also referred to as palta or alankaram, is a concept in Indian classical music and —Natya Shastra Bharata Muni ( BCE CE). Here are . Search found 2 books and stories containing Alamkarashastra, Alaṃkāraśāstra, Alaṃkāra-śāstra, Alankarashastra or Alankara-shastra. You can also click to the. Alankara Sastra Parichiti. Mishra, Bhabagrahi and Mishra, Santilata () Alankara Sastra Parichiti. Friends Publishers, Cuttack.

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Further Vis’vanatha seems to have thought that he could easily interpret the word Alahkara in the following verses of Bharata which he quotes Here, as Natyalahkara, whereas, it refers only to figures of speech. Anandavardhana classes it along with the Duskaras, the Yamaha, the Bandhas etc. Sankaran opines in his Theories of Rasa and Dhvani p, 22 that Bhamaha does not accept this figure. As Anandavardhana says, expression appropriate to Rasa is Vrtti ; the expression of Artha is the Vrtti of Kais’iki etc.

Hemacandra – 2 Varieties, viz. The example given here for such poem, i. Paridevana of the Upajati list is said to include two, Ksobha and Anukta siddhi, of the Anustubh list. Das’arupaka rejects them on the score that they have no individuality and can be included in Alahkaras or Bhavas. This way of saying, so as to make the thing intended to be said deliver itself by implication or suggestion — is something beyond Guna and Alamkara.

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There is at least a strong tendency to wax figurative in forceful situations. Appayya’s Fresh Classification of Rupaka into 12 Varieties There was prevalent a dislike for the latter, since it abounded in excesses of sound effects and figure effects. Demetrius Szstra the Sublime ; Longinus Personality: The other line of thought represented by Paksas nos. To this race of poets apply these lines of Apankara By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month.

The bare idea, Arthamatra, has its opposite in Pallava. Quite so replies Abhinava- gupta. Dandin generally says that the reverses of these ten Gunas are seen in the Gaudi which means bad poetry.


Abhinava opines that Laksana is sometimes natural grace and sometimes it adds beauty to Alahkara also. But this again is a thin prop, to be given up. I highly recommend others to use this site.

As it has been treated of at the end of Alahkaras, we have to suppose that Bhamaha considered this also as an Alahkara, with this differ- ence, that while the rest were restricted to a Vakya, this was pervasive of a whole part of a poetic composition or of the whole composition itself. New Laksanas of S’aradatanaya.

Abhinava later wlankara this view also and explains it as the beautification of S’abda by S’abda, of S’abda by Artha, of Artha by S’abda and of Artha by Artha. What kind of saztra in poetry can there be without Sadharanikarana?

The natural ssastra of a verse even in the absence of Alankara as in the verses of Amaruka is due to Laksana. As a matter of fact, Alahkaras are external ornaments on the body but can sometimes be like the Kuhkuma smeared for beauty on the body, when they are organic and structural, when they are and Far, far away is the hope to make this Alahkara the very soul.

It is possible to sacrifice poetry at the altar of figure.


This defines Alankara and its place and function. It is, however, a question which cannot be gone into sadtra except after a survey of the history of the. In these and the other studies in this book, I have, on the basis of a detailed, historical survey of the concepts as dev’eloped by the several Sanskrit Alahkarikas, en- deavoured to understand and interpret their underlying ideas and the value of these for the art and appreciation of literature.

I ordered a book for my mother and it came within a few days from India to NYC!! Demetrius remarks that though violence S’ruti- dusta is a fault of composition, it is a necessary feature of the S’rngara.


Alankara Sastra Parichiti – OaOb

The north and the west of the verse of Bana are lost. De sajns in his Skr.

The second, is no Laksana in Bharata. Visaya-aucitya began to regulate the nature of Riti in the several parts of a poem. In this same context Abhinava thus indicates the differ- ence of Laksana and Alahkara on the one hand and the Ahgas alankata the other: Bhoja is given to elaboration and he takes up alanksra of the Anustubh list of 36, some of the Upajati list of 36, adds a few which are his own and thus makes a good number of As one reads the poem, it should begin to live before his eyes: Send as free online greeting card.

Difference between Tadrupya and Tadatmya 18 7. But it seems that Bhavikatva is really a quality of prime necessity which all great and good poetry should, from beginning to end, possess. Rupaka – a Connotative Name 15 2. He points out their existence in dramas with illustrations.

Ubdhata made it a definite Alankara casting of the ad’ junct, Prabandha guna.

The remaining 20 of this list are not available anywhere in the Natya S’astra. The commonplace Svabhava of thing wall be the scientific facts about an object, its attributes as pertaining to a class ; a bald statement of these as in etc. The only difference is that the Anuprasas of the Vaidarbhas are mild while those of the Gaudas are wild. Valmiki has two beautiful verses of this class, in the former of which elements of Samasokti go to beautify the main figure of Upama. Ordinary talk, legal expressions, and scientific writings are examples.

Only 17 Laksanas are common to both. A further carrying out of these ideas gives rise to the S’abdalankara of Anuprasa of different varieties.