He drank with Sartre, mocked Picasso and took silent walks with Beckett Jean Genet described the studio of his friend Alberto Giacometti. One evening in Alberto Giacometti found himself lingering late at the Café de Flore in Paris. Most of the other customers had gone, but at the adjoining. One does not have to look long on the antediluvian face of Giacometti to sense this artist’s pride and will to place himself at the beginning of th.

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Andy Bee marked it as to-read Alherto 30, Do not expect this bosom sattre flesh out as you draw near; it will not change and, as you move toward it, you will have the strange impression of walking on the spot. Pierre Matisse Gallery, Show 25 25 50 All. I feel compelled and I do not know to what end or by whom until I discover that I am compelled to see, and compelled by myself.

Sartre and Giacometti: words between friends

In that drastic youthfulness of nature and of men, neither the beautiful nor the ugly yet existed, neither taste nor people possessing it; and there was no criticism: And in spite of the fact that the product of their art was to be an imaginary man, they thought it possible to project him in a real space. He has chosen for himself a weightless material, the most ductile, the most perishable, the most spiritual: He breaks everything, and begins all over again. It is the stone which triumphs, as does Zeno.

Not of the Pascalian infinite, of the infinitely great: After three thousand years, the task of Giacometti and of contemporary sculptors, is not to enrich the galleries with new works, but to prove that sculpture itself is possible.


Jean-Paul Sartre on Alberto Giacometti: The Search for the Absolute – The Diary of Jakob Knulp.

Next Post Next Appunti da Marte. Asked by Genet why albberto treated male and female figures differently, Giacometti admitted that women seemed naturally more distant to him.

I nthe writer Jean Giacpmetti described the studio of his friend Alberto Giacometti. Giacometti has been able to give this matter the only truly human unity: However, everything is there: And they will make their first appearance at a major retrospective opening at Tate Modern in London next month.

There is the goddess Isabel, the whore Rita, the virgin Flora.

Most sculptors let themselves be taken in by this; they confuse the flaccidness of extension with largesse, they put too much in their works, they delight in the fat curve of a marble hip, they spread out, thicken, and expand the human gesture. Bojana marked it as to-read Dec 21, Lists with This Book.

One has only to read the Greek and Latin writers!

But a dead man on a dead horse does not amount to even half a living creature. Exhibitions Tate Modern Sculpture Art features.

The Search for the Absolute – Jean-Paul Sartre

Rubens Nicoluzzi marked it as to-read Nov 21, These figures are already seen as the foreign language we try to learn is already spoken. But sometimes, tired of warfare, he tried to mineralize his fellows: But exhaustion is not the only mood. Such, I believe, is the sort of Copernican revolution Giacometti has tried to introduce into sculpture. He confers on his plaster figures an absolute distance, as the painter does for those who live in his canvas. Order by newest oldest recommendations.


Giacometti has a horror of the infinite. He allowed himself to be talked into this one because he has to make a living, but he remains troubled by it. The consequences are that the properties of real space cover up and mask those of imaginary space: Perhaps his most powerful work is known by two contradictory titles, Hands Holding the Void and Imaginary Object Together with Giacometti’s studies of his wife Annette see lot and his brother Diego, the visage of French philosopher and novelist Jean-Paul Sartre is among the most recognizable in the artist’s drawings.

Satre was thanks to these elongated, pointy figures with heavy feet that he swiftly rose to fame. Jun 09, Gui Martins Pinheiro rated it it was amazing.


It is necessary to push to the limits and see what can be done…. Please forward to joneiselin hetnet. With those fingers, closed around the imaginary object, he evokes the sensation of touching and being touched. If I approach, I come closer to the canvas, not to the figures on it.

Now he seems to have acknowledged the costs of the marriage for his wife, while also acknowledging the strength of a bond that had kept them together, despite their differences in outlook, sartrw his devotion to his work and to a succession of lovers. After three thousand years the task of Giacometti and contemporary sculptors is not to add new works to the galleries but to prove that sculpture is possible.