Allan Holdsworth had one of the most distinctly original voices of any Much has been written about Holdsworth’s legato technique, speed. Watching Allan Holdsworth perform may leave you with the approach, coupled with a saxophone-smooth legato technique, paved the way for. Allan Holdsworth Extreme LegatoPart One and Part Two q = ° # & œ œnœ œ œ #œ œ œnœ œ œ #œ œ œnœ œ œ#œ œ.

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A good way to avoid this is to set pegato metronome to 8th notes and then play one note per click to make sure each note is accurately placed within the bar.

Allan Holdsworth’s Four-Note-Per-String Scales | Guitarworld

To get the most out of legago exercises, make sure to use a metronome, starting at a slow tempo and slowly increasing the speed as you work these scale and slur variations in different keys across the neck. All of the exercises below are also great for building fretting-hand technique, but they can also be very tiring on the fingers and fretting hand.

Go with what works for you and the hands you possess. C Major arpeggio descends chromatically to B to Bb to A, but the inversions change, notes are left out and the phrase ascends the fretboard, making the side-step less obvious. Add vibrato from the trem if you have one and use a delicate touch. Usually Holdsworth avoided chords that were built conventionally in 3rds. If one uses very light strings, this is made much easier.

This will allow you to work these slurs into the scale if you use an alternate fingering. The day guitar challenge culminates on World Guitar Daya massive hour online celebration of the guitar on 29 September. When you are coming down the scale, keep that same approach, putting a slur between the first and second notes on each string, but just use a pull-off when descending the scale fingering.

Check out four-note-per-string scales. I alllan these scales with one finger per note, across each string, but not everyone will feel comfortable with this fingering. I have definitely stole a few.

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If you are using the fingering instead ofholdswkrth can use a slide between the first two notes so that the slur becomes a slide plus a hammer on the way up and a slide plus a pull-off on the way down. The following example uses a couple of his devices known as side-stepping and constant structure.

about Allan Holdsworth and his legato technique

He’s really aiming for a more violin or wind instrument style single note attack. Oct 9, 1. When first digging into a new four-note-per-string scale, such as the F major scale below, you will need to figure out the notes on the scale and build your fingering up from there. Holdsworth was a radical inventor, not just in brewing methods and guitar systems, but with every aspect of music. This wide interval approach avoid octaves and triadic forms is typical of his style.

Oct 9, How to play in holdaworth modern style and how to break out of box patterns. It’s an aggressive fretting hand approach he doesn’t like the sound of pull-offsmore a lifting off technique. Oct 9, 2.

The best way to see if you have holdswotth learned a new concept is to take it out and make some music with it. In the first example you will see a slur added between the first and second notes on each string. I also recall he liked stacked humbuckers that would fit in a single-coil route. Every note is in D Melodic Minor, but the three-note cell leaps around the fretboard.

The Gear Page is run by musicians allsn musicians.

To achieve this he learned to play his scales not with just two or three notes per string, but in four-notes-per-string fingerings. You can finger this with all four fingers of your fretting hand or incorporate a position shift which you may need in the lower – or perhaps all – positions.

Search Media New Media. Check out this scale below, and then take it to as many keys as you can across the neck before moving on to the slur exercises that follow. This is where the slo motion comes in handy. Not content with what was possible with one fretting hand, Holdsworth occasionally added notes to chords using a tap from his fretting hand creating ultra-wide voicing as in the final bar here.


What that meant was to personally discover what scales could be built from the 12 notes in an octave, by literally writing out every possible combination. I mean he had an. A pub musician light years from Mustang Sally. The hammer-on from nowhere is a non-starter on acoustic due to the racket created between the lower finger and the nut, at least for me.

about Allan Holdsworth and his legato technique | The Gear Page

Since there are four notes on every string when using these fingerings, you can also practice adding two slurs in a row on each string of the scale.

Be careful not to exhaust your fretting hand, by giving yourself breaks both within the phrase and in your practice sessions. As for pulling off, the technique doesn’t legxto pick attack.

Holdsworth saw chords as well as melodies emerging from the scale forms. Oct 9, 9. That means that if he’s playing on the E string something like D C B A he picks the D with his pinky, than he plays lsgato from nowhere with the other fingers?

Matt Warnock is the owner of mattwarnockguitar. Do you use four-note-per-string scales in your playing or have a favorite way to practice them in the woodshed? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. You must log in or sign up to reply here. A lauded musician who humbly shrugged off any suggestions of his proficiency. Holdsworth could sweep with the best of them as well as playing with extraordinary time, harmony and touch.

In bar 4, an intervallic structure is transposed sporadically, in spite of the key, creating an angular dissonance. In bar 1, a three-note phrase is transposed down chromatically.

His set was quite light and he was holdswortu poplar, basswood, and other body woods that are light.