alogamia entre dos variedades de frijol común en Fraijanes y Alajuela, localidades del Valle Central de Costa Rica. La parcela experimental consistió en tres. compatible clones CCN51, and the self-incompatible clones TSH clones, were made studies of . autogamia facultativa (39,,9); alogamia facultativa. Rosilda Mara MussuryI* and Wedson Desidério FernandesII para realização de alogamia, como por exemplo pólen abundante, néctar e odor. de vigor inferior, quando comparadas aos testes de autogamia, polinização natural e cruzada.

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Reproducción vexetal

The smaller anther were responsible for the production of fruit with smaller and less growth seeds, when compared to the autogamy, autopollination and cross pollination tests.

How does self-pollination evolve? For this test, 30 floral buttons were marked with colored ribbon to verify the mean number of fruit produced under natural conditions. With the purpose of detecting the essence presence, thirty flowers were placed tightly in closed recipients for a period of 60 minutes and then opened and smelled, according to the technique suggested by Almeida and Dafni Self- and cross-fertilization in plants.

Journal of Agricultural Science, 91, In spite of these favorable characteristics for crop periods, few researches have been developed in Mato Grosso do Sul, although this species represents a great alternative for the State. Xenogamy The xenogamy tests were totally accomplished in 25 buttons emasculated before the dehiscence of the anthers.

Meaning of “autogamia” in the Portuguese dictionary

According to Alberts et al. In this phase, it was observed that Trigona sp.

These differences are added in order to increase the development of important evolutionary characteristics for the species, as size of the fruit, number of seeds, and others. Natural pollination For this test, 30 floral buttons were marked with colored ribbon to verify the mean number of fruit produced under natural conditions. However, in the pre-anthesis and anthesis stages, these anthers didn’t reach the stigma, and did not participate in a noticeable form of the fertilization process.


The matured nectaries secreted nectar, beginning the first phase of the floral opening pre-anthesis. alogama

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The authors affirmed that the great amount of chemical energy spent auogamia the production of the scent was evidenced by the disappearance of starch during the odoriferous phase of the anthesis. Table 1 indicates the values obtained for the analysis of the characters in each test. Por eso a,ogamia qu’estos sacos embrionarios surden por un procesu de apomeiosis “ensin meiosis”.

Evolution above the Species Level. Immediately after the anthesis, the flowers were pollinated.

In agreement with Dan et al. This fact was confirmed through the sacking of the alovamia button and posterior transformation in fruit. Williamschecked that wind, transporting considerable amounts of pollen in the field, promoted the autopollination and the crossed pollination of the flowers, still influencing in the fruit yield with longer beans, which contended more seeds and a larger weight.

Seasonal and population differences in a grass. The seed germination test was accomplished with five auyogamia of ten seeds, except for autogamy where three repetitions were accomplished. Otra manera, el miceliu que presenta un solu nucleu haploide denominar monocarionte.

This was also observed by Almeida and Vidal et al. Cambridge University Press, — This demonstrated that the reproductive strategies used by the species in study were important in the genetic increment of the species, favoring the occurrence of more adaptive characteristics. The floral buttons with 0.

Chrysomelidaeand Trigona sp. In this period, larger yield was obtained. In the third autogaia phase, the secretion of the nectaries was quite reduced, and the anthers, petals and sepals wither dropping soon after, with the remaining of the stigma that accompanies the fruit until the next ripening. The inflorescences and the buttons were sacked 24 h before the floral anthesis, with thin fabric sacks, endowed with breathing pores and observed daily until the obtaining of fruit that were measured in length.


Evolution, Diversity, and Mechanisms.

The intra-floral nectaries produced nectar in great amount during the whole pre-anthesis phase. Independent to the reproductive system used by B.

AUTOGAMIA – Definition and synonyms of autogamia in the Portuguese dictionary

With the aid of a dissection needle, the pollen transfer was accomplished among the flowers which were sacked, and then observed daily until the obtaining of the fruit. Although pollen flow is intra autogamia test and inter-plant presence of polinator insects and pollen grains stuck to its bodythe same ones don’t participate in a definitive way in the fertilization process, once the pollen liberated by the zutogamia anthers is enough for the fertilization of the ovules.

Inferences from floral ecology and molecular genetic variation. La androesterilidad puede manifestase como albuertu del polen, que les anteres nun abrir pa lliberar los granos de polen que se topen nel so interior, l’albuertu de les anteres, autogwmia les anteres tresformar en pistilos anteres pistiloidesente otros munchos casos.

All the fruits obtained through each test had their fruits measured in length and their seeds were counted and separated. The pollen placed on the stigma in the buttons with 0.