Title: Amarilli. Music: Giulio Caccini (–). Text: Guarini. Sheet Music. Important note: This Baroque Italian aria is perhaps best known as it appears in. Lyrics Amarilli mia bella. Non credio del mio cor. Dolce desio. D’eser tu l’amor mio? Credilo pur. E se timor t’assale. Dubitar non ti vale. Aprimi il peto. E vedrai. (and a Few Answers). TIM CARTER. AMARILLI, mia bella is the best known of the solo madrigals t. Caccini included in his Le nuove musiche of ‘ The tex.

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This delicate arioso is not as melodic as many contemporary works, but rather shows off the phrasing ability of the singer and the interplay between the voice and the accompaniment.

Web page content is available under the CPDL copyright license ; please see individual editions for their copyright terms. Ferrucio Tagliavini in Opera and Songs.

This likely explains why the collection is often dated to Harp Music of the Italian Renaissance. Songs of Love and War.

Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. These file s are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.

Amarilli, mia bella (Giulio Caccini) – ChoralWiki

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Giulio Caccini. It is even indicated by Caccini as a “note”; an aside or addendum to the main purpose. On one occasion, he informed to the Grand Duke Francesco on two lovers in the Medici household—Eleonora, the wife of Pietro de’ Mediciwho was having an illicit affair with Bernardino Antinori —and his informing led directly to Eleonora’s murder by Pietro. The Art of Roland Hayes. Amarilli mia bella Johann Nauwach amsrilli, an ornamented version of Caccini Amarilli mijn schoone Anonymousa 4vv harmonization from External websites: Streams Videos All Posts.


Celebrated Opera Arias and Songs, Vol.

Madrigali scelti et varia. The present score incorporates the rather suggestive line “Prendi questo mio strale”, as originally found in Guarini’s poem, as opposed to Parisotti’s more polite “Dubitar non ti vale”. Pathways of Baroque Music: In Rome he studied the lutethe viol and the harpand began to acquire a reputation as a singer.

Songs of Love Through the Ages.

Amarilli, mia bella (Giulio Caccini)

He published two collections of songs and solo madrigalsboth titled Le nuove musichein new style and the latter as Nuove musiche e nuova maniera di scriverle. MusicXML source file is in compressed. With Caccini’s abilities as a singer, instrumentalist, and composer added to the mix of intellects and talents, the Camerata developed the concept of monody —an emotionally affective solo vocal line, accompanied by relatively simple chordal harmony on one or more instruments—which was a revolutionary departure from the polyphonic practice of the late Renaissance.

Caccini’s character seems to have been less than perfectly honorable, as he was frequently motivated by envy and jealousy, not only in his professional life but for personal advancement with the Medici.

Public Domain Edition notes: He was a tenorand he was able to accompany himself on the viol or the archlute ; he sang at various entertainments, including weddings and affairs of state, and took part in the sumptuous intermedi of the time, the elaborate musical, dramatic, visual spectacles which were one of the precursors of opera.


The stile recitativoas the newly created style of monody was called, proved to be popular not only in Florence, but elsewhere in Italy. Giovanni Battista Guarini Number of voices: David Newman submitted The introduction to this volume is probably the most clearly written description of the performance of monody, what Caccini called affetto cantando passionate singingfrom the time a detailed discussion of the affetto cantando performance style can be found in Toft, With Passionate Voicepp.

Caccini made at least one further trip to Rome, inas the secretary to Count Bardi. The Italian Dramatic Lament.

Caccini – Amarilli

Moli, Contents 1 Performances 1. Note that I have been accustomed, in all places that have come from my pen, to indicate with numbers over the bass part the thirds and the sixths — major when there is a sharp, minor when a flat — and likewise when sevenths or other dissonances are to be made caaccini the inner voices as an accompaniment. He was aamarilli the father of the composer Francesca Caccini and the singer Settimia Caccini.

Caccini’s most influential work was a collection of monodies and songs for solo voice and basso continuopublished incalled Le nuove musiche. Productions du Moliantegok, Jazz Latin New Age.

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Generation Harmonia Mundi, Vol.

ByCaccini was singing at the Medici court.