Please see the Javadoc of the method setType(String type) in the class Intent: This method automatically clears any data that was previously set (for example. Uri uri = le(entry); Intent intent = new Intent( ACTION_VIEW); String mime = “*/*”; MimeTypeMap mimeTypeMap = MimeTypeMap. aAndType Method. (Usually optional) Set the data for the intent along with an explicit MIME data type.

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This is especially useful, for example, when launching an activity from intent.setdataandgype notification manager. As a result, you should always ensure that you write your Uri with these elements using lower case letters, and normalize any Uris you receive from outside of Android to ensure the scheme and host is lower case.

When queried through the content resolver, the data URI will return the data set in question.

This is done in the finish method. This constant was deprecated in API level In some situations this callback may never come, for example if the user abandons the chooser, switches to another task or any number of other reasons. It also sets a result via the setResult method call. Register an activity as browser The following code will register an Activity for the Intent which is triggered when someone wants to open a webpage.

SetDataAndType – Xamarin

External media is unmounted because it is being shared via USB mass storage. Run contentExtractionInput ; contentExtractionInput. C CSharp Method Android. The Bundle of extras to add to this intent. Intents are used to signal to the Android system that a certain event has occurred.

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Through the use of this flag, or its equivalent attribute, R. Anyway, check out this, it might help you.

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You are absolutely right! Copy the contents of other in to this object, but only where fields are not defined by this object. The intent anroid have the following extra value:. Create an intent for a specific component. Add a set of extended data to the intent. They would naturally expect to go directly to their mail app, so startActivity should be called directly: Carrier apps that provide an implementation for this action may be invoked to configure carrier service and typically require carrier privileges to fulfill their duties.

Quick viewer may, according to its own policies, disable or hide features. This data can be used by the receiving component. Contains the extras to copy. External media is present, but is using an incompatible fs or is blank The path to the mount point for the checking media is contained in the Intent.

Android.Content.Intent.SetDataAndType Method

An existing application package has been removed from the device. Does it allows user to swipe and scroll through intent.setdatandtype images in the same folder?

Filtered components will not be able to present targets from an associated ChooserTargetService. Broadcast sent to the primary user intent.segdataandtype an associated managed profile is added the profile was created and is ready to be used. Toggle navigation Hot Examples. It is sent to the user that is going to the background.


You save my life dude!!!!!! All other fields action, data, type, class are null, though they can be modified later with explicit calls. The activity should be able to send and receive email.

File myDir, fileName intent.setdataamdtype if file. Path, “erpdata” ; if File. The below is the implicit intent code i wrote and i ended intent.estdataandtype with an exception ” No activity found”. The value must be an integer greater or equal to 0.

This application has an activity called CreateUserActivity. Tell us in this short survey.

Android Intents – Tutorial

This result code is returned to you. This method is implemented simply by calling PackageManager. Can you have a solution to open folder of gallery. Your and Vikas’s answer achieves it very well, Only thing is, once it shows image it doesn’t allow to scroll through other images in same folder when user swipes left or right.