Antichrista [Amelie Nothomb] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Blanche’s mother, who finds her own daughter rather colourless. Buy Antichrista from Amélie Nothomb with 0% discount off the list price. Paper book, order now and qualify for free shipping. The work of Georges Bernanos – and his conception of evil in particular – is a very strong influence on Amélie Nothomb: in Antéchrista.

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Am I simply asking too much from a writer who creates so many passages and asides that resonate so deeply with me – just take the pearls and be happy?

Soon it’s Blanche that finds herself the odd man out, as her parents almost always take Christa’s side. Lists with This Book. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. And thus her story contains a lot of religious metaphors and analogies. Ich bin begeistert, auch von dieser Geschichte und ich glaube, das ich mich noch lange daran erinnern werde.

But by the novel’s end, they emerge as more finely drawn human beings, now filtered through Blanche’s slightly more evolved consciousness. She now lives and writes in Brussels. No estoy de acuerdo. As in that novel, Abtichrista has a moment in which the lightbulb comes on, the tables are turned, and the tormented becomes the tormentor.

She is also 16 years old and comes from Malmedy in the East of Belgium. Nicht auf so wenigen Seiten. When Blanche’s mother, who finds her own daughter rather colourless, bookish and dull When lonely sixteen-year-old university student Blanche meets the dazzling Christa, she is swept off her feet.


In Search of Klingsor.

She seems like a self-invented art persona, not a real person. Contemporary Fiction Contemporary European Fiction.

ATLESWOOLF: If absurdity could kill: ANTICHRISTA, by Amélie Nothomb

She sums up her life: Mille grazie per la raccomandazione, Valerio — caro amico mio. Una diabolica Christa, amata e ricercata da tutti, l’altra, Blanche, taciturna e solitaria. When she was five the family moved to China. The Life of Hunger. The This is the sixth novel I’ve read by Nothomb and a pattern is emerging.

And for the brief time that it lasts, it gives a satisfying sense of balancing those mighty scales of justice that are forever weighed against the lonely, awkward misfit.

Amelie Nothomb is a pearl! If absurdity could kill: I didn’t vibe with that interpretation at all because everything was way too fucking obvious: About Me atleswoolf View my complete profile. When young boys fight, they often resort to fists or shouting; when girls fight, they often resort to words, to psychology, which, as we all know, are far more damaging than the strongest fists.

‘Sixteen-year-old girl massacres parents’

After some family tensions, she returned to Japan to work in a big Japanese company in Tokyo. Brussels Belgium Malmedy Belgium. Her complex work of art intertwines cultural analysis, social subjects, and subtle style of writing that mixes together the sophistication of the Far East Asia with the rational sobriety of the Western civilization.

Antichrista tells the story of Blanche, an aptly named sixteen year old political science student in Brussels who, until the novel begins, has been moderately content with the fact that she has no friends.


Her experience of this time is told in “Fear and Trembling”.

Whenever I see an interview with her or watch a documentary on her creative process, I can’t help but shake my head. Blanche’s 17th birthday, no party, not a single call; Blanche practices Christa’s gymnastic exercises without wanting to do so. You have successfully added ” Yes, I can’t make that shit up. Since then, she has published amelje one novel per year with a. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The complete review ‘s Review:. Jul 14, Mohsen.

No saca provecho de nadie ni de nada, no nothoomb repelente su comportamiento, ultimadamente, ella hace y deshace a quien se lo permite, donde se lo permiten: There’s nothing in the least convincing about how easily Blanche’s parents are won over by Christa and how they welcome her in their home and turn against their own flesh and blood, nor is Christa’s own powerful personality presented very convincingly.

No sooner has Blanche made her shy introduction to Christa than Christa has inveigled her way into Blanche’s life, moved into her home and started sleeping in her bed.