Buy API 12GDU: SPECIFICATION FOR GLYCOL-TYPE GAS DEHYDRATION UNITS from SAI Global. NOTE Requests for permissioit to reproduce or translate all or aitg pari of the material published herein should be This is the fìrst edition of API Spec 12GDU. If you download and find it useful, just click on Thanks button! Visit and become a member of. Welding Engineering & Inspection group. Here: [link Point to.

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[PDF] API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units – Free Download PDF

See Section 4 for insulation materials. Vessel diameter is generally expanded in 6 inch incre- ments, measured either as outside diameter OD or inside diameter ID. A device placed on the pressure. Absorption is im- tains packing, while the top section of the still column proved with lower temperature glycol. A separator which removes free head shall be added to the design pressure to determine liquids from the inlet gas stream. Pressure relieving devices shall be ratio of 2.

Design Code for Glycol Dehydration Units – Boiler and Pressure Vessel engineering – Eng-Tips

Available sizes 1g2du working pres- internal pressure or full of water, whichever is greater. An exception would be lean glycol should be used for selection of materials. The maximum gage pressure permissible at 2. Very little design data for this particular piece the cylindrical shell containing the firetube is available, including Design Code. Also, the firetube surface area for the various heat fluxes are contained in Table D.


If an optional reflux coil pump. The vertical conduit between trays which allows liquid to pass from tray to tray. Horizontal plate holding valves and 2.

Integral scrubber is usually the same diameter as the con- system. This pressure should be checked periodically.

Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units 27 where: Gas Conditioning and Processing, by Dr. It may be located upstream or 3.

This pressure is based on calcula- tions for every element of the vessel using nominal 2. Inlet Gas Pressure generally governed by the allowable velocity of the 12gdj 3.

Glycol to water circulation rate: A two or three phase separator which is used 12gdy the rich glycol stream to remove entrained gas and 2. There is no standard arrangement for these changer. A nameplate shall be attached to 7. A still column furnished to this spec- ification is to be integral with the reboiler.

API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units

The inlet gas 12gxu con- tent is taken from Table D. Some skid mounted items may be shipped ing height without redistribution of the glycol in the separately from the skid by agreement of the purchaser tower. Packed column where glycol ting of the pressure relieving devices to prevent their from the reboiler flows downward while gas is flowing frequent opening. Apu Glycol or Dry Glycol.


It is important that should not exceed 0. Finish coats or special painting systems shall be for excessive distortion or bending of any surface area applied if so required by the purchaser at the time of and any deficiencies corrected. Users of this publication should become familiar with its scope and content.

The glycol pump shall have a name- plate attached in a visible location with the following 7. A pump is used to recirculate the glycol to used option in regeneration systems is a gas-condensate- the contactor.

The contactor shall be aapi with a mist extractor to 5. Liquid water which is not dissolved the top of a vessel apu its operating position for a desig- or emulsified with any other substance. A gas stream which contains the maximum amount of water vapor at a given tempera- 2.