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Dust is entrained by gases escaping from very low gravity nuclei. Thus, they will outgas more slowly. The vapours in the nucleus diffuse through pores. The sublimated gas escapes from the surface of the sample and also filw into the interior where it recondenses. In our discussions we distinguish between well under- stood and established facts, less certain causes for some observed phenom- ena, inferred phenomena and processes, and speculative features.

Note that there is no source term in Eq. Thus, as a first approximation, we may assume the dust velocity to be approximately equal to the gas velocity. In the second case, gas activity of a nucleus close to the Sun can form a layer of refractory particles that are too heavy relative to their cross section to be entrained by gas outflow.

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These definitions point out the relationship between the two classes of objects and the volatile content that vile originally present in the different zones of the protosolar fille. Even when a approximmation particle is released from the ice and dust matrix in a pore in the nucleus, its path of travel in the highly tortuous pores must be very short.


Mathematical modeling of the tensile strength of ma- terials in a comet nucleus has led to two alternative values. Measurements that are made are a product of the cross section of the nucleus and the albedo of its surface. The additions due to topography must be corrected by subtracting the contributions of the base of the topo- graphic feature on the nucleus. All of the properties of comets listed above form the basis for comet models. Flow Regimes and their Transitions 67 known as the Adzumi equation see Scheidegger,for a paproximation dis- cussionwith fixed empirically determined coefficients a 1 and a2.

The property of the porous structure that influences sublimation is the surface-to-volume ratio, or the related specific surface, and the property that influences gas diffusion, or gas flow, is the permeability.

Its ice may be assumed to have crystallized. Every active comet has water ice and usually also CO and CO 2. The third type of shadowing is much more difficult to take into account and requires detailed knowledge of topographic features, which fle beyond fild objectives of the simple model considered fioe. Such high values have been inferred for the surface ice layer on icy satellites such as Rhea Domingue et al. As discussed in Section 3. Giotto measurements Keller et al.

For this purpose we visualize the porous medium as a network of channels. To better understand these processes, studies on the thermal processing of ices and their morvsn3.dvi for the structural changes and subsequent release of volatile ices are essential. The amorphous ice includes small mass fractions f i of trapped gases. The particles are initially embedded in the porous ice matrix and as the ice sublimates from the surface, the embedded particles become progressively free and subject to the drag exerted by the escaping gas.


However, since the gas density is proportional to the bulk density, the pressure is also affected by the porosity.

Therefore, significant changes in the physical parameters of these samples were occuring during the experiments and the behaviour of these samples does not represent the behaviour of an almost evolved norvan3.dvi or even a comet nucleus. To separately determine these two quantities, measurements must also be made in the infrared.

In fact, one of the main goals of modeling is to determine these properties by compar- ing their predicted behaviour to actual observations.

Highest resolution, approximately metres, is in the area near the impact site, where small, sub-frame, close-up images were obtained. The theoretical model, which described morvan3.vvi thermal evolution of the laboratory samples, became the basis of the thermal comet nucleus model of Benkhoff and Huebner The range of conductivities adopted for dust in comet models varies over a wide range, reflecting the uncertainty about the real nature of refractory materials and their structure in comets.

Such solutions are usually based on computer-intensive Monte Carlo procedures see, e. Strazzulla and Johnson suggested that in the Oort cloud the external 0. In a comet nucleus, these convex shaped temperature profiles can be expected only near the sublimation front of minor volatile ices.

The grains may have been loosely packed after accretion, but bonds between individual grains most likely grew even at these low temperatures during the passage of time. These parameters can be determined by laboratory experiments.