Title, Aqidah salaf ashabul hadits. Serial buku At-Tibyan. Author, Syaikhul Islam Abu Isma’il Ash-Shabuni. Publisher, Pustaka At-Tibyan, Export Citation. Ismail bin Abdurachman Al-Shabuni is the author of Aqidah Salaf Ashhabul Hadits ( avg rating, 8 ratings, 1 review) and Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits &. The Explanation of the Creed of the Salaf, by Imaam Abee Uthmaan Ismaa’eel bin Abdir-Rahmaan As-Saaboonee,rahimahullaah, as.

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Deriving its legitimacy from the hadith science, tahdhir acquires a religious power. Aqidxh this article, I hope I have provided a vivid example of the important role of such modern media as radio, both in religious practices and in Islamic movements or Islamic activism such as Salafism.

They rejected, among other things, adopting the national curriculum. Inhe travelled to Java to study Arabic and other Islamic disciplines. Virtually all of them deal with the role of the Internet in the Salafi movement for instance, Hefner The question was raised by his Indonesian students who were still studying at his school in Yemen. While both Hasan and Wahid only very concisely clarify why radio is important for Salafi dakwah, I shall specifically investigate the ways in which Salafi radio stations played a role in the internal dynamics of the Salafi movement.

Referring to the list of the official Salafi fatwas, Larsson Given the absence of explanation, the fatwas clearly functioned as a tahdhir to Rodja Radio rather He asserts that radio is one of the means that Salafis used to get a hold on public thought Wahid Both the Luqman Baabduh and Dzulqarnain factions had already conflicted and competed with each other immediately before the dissolution of Laskar Jihad in Marco Milosevic and Kacper Rekawek eds.

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His advices and recommendations are not applicable to Salafis only, but also to other listeners. Elsewhere, he makes a brief mention of the role of radio in Salafi dakwah; according to him, this is because they were unsuccessful in campaigning Salafism door-to-door At the same time, by doing so, Thalib tried to gain support from funding organisations in those countries. Its Indonesian translation is available at http: It is of importance to look at fatwas or, more precisely, tahdhirs related to the existing Salafi radio stations in Indonesia.

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The recording of this lecture can be downloaded from http: This network consisted of those former students of the Dar al-Hadith school in Dammaj, Yemen. Baabduh himself had received a tahdhir from al-Hajuri. Thirdly and most clearly, aqiday fatwas supported the interest of their questioners against Rodja Radio.

Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits 2

Therefore, the Islamic ruling on listening to the radio depends on when ashbul for what purposes the radio is used. A Contest for Religious Authority than to demonstrate the mistake of its method. Halabiyah refers to a radio station run by followers of Ali Hasan al-Halabi. Surakarta is the other name of Solo, Central Java. He is very active in doing dakwah, through the Internet on his website and other media.

He did not give hadkts reason explicitly. The issuance of a tahdhir is much dependent on the extent to which an informant can provide a Salafi shaikh with sufficient convincing information. Luqman Baabduh and his group then used this tahdhir to delegitimise Dzulqarnain and his group. Similarly, Al-Madinah FM says: The Salafi fracture was fuelled partly by their competition for authority.

After the dissolution of Laskar Jihad, the sururi issue remained significant in Salafi rivalries. In this article, I shall particularly concentrate on radio.

In Saudi Arabia, the Salafi authority is salad so that its higher authority has more power than the lower cf. Ahabul fatwas only emphasised the necessity to exclude or to stay away from those considered as rivals.

According to him, Rodja Radio has been at the centre of disputes among Salafis, and therefore he advised them to ignore it.

In contrast, the last scholar clearly defended the position of Rodja Radio. The central issue I hope to address here is that of religious authority.


This networking plays a significant role both in sharing information and in mobilising their dakwah activities. This is reflected in salf comment made by Tri, a Salafi listener I met in The intellectual genealogy of the Salafism discussed here may reach back to Ahmad ibn Hanbal d.

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Like Abu Nida, other Salafi activists developed dakwah centres in various places. Aired on the radio and the Internet, daurah reaches beyond its initial audience.

Through these networks, Salafi teachers can easily build their careers as religious personalities widely known to Salafis throughout the country. From this, we can understand that the station Jauhari was talking about must be Darussalaf Haits.

From these networks, we can see that such dichotomies as sururi and non-sururi, Yemeni and haraki, as offered by previous studies Hasan ; Bulabo et al. Contextualising this explanation, Jauhari reminded his audience of the broken aqdah of the reconciliation. Indiana University Press, p.

These two institutions emerged from the deep concern of asabul number of Muslim entrepreneurs about the poor economic conditions of Muslims compared to non-Muslims. He was born in Lamongan, East Java in Their emergence has become the subject of debates among Salafis. Salafi groups of the Yemen network have competed in convincing Salafi shaikhs to issue a tahdhir against their rivals.

Al Ustadz Dzulqarnain Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits

To keep them in line with the Salaf method, a special team is created in charge of monitoring the programmes being presented. A number of studies on Aashabul in Indonesia have focused on modern media usage by Salafis. Currently issues other than sururi have become prevalent in the rivalry among Salafis of the Yemeni network.