AR 190-22 PDF

Get the AR Searches, Seizures, and Disposition of Property. – fas. Description. Jan 1, the original form of this regulation that was published on 1. AR , paragraph (b), states: “Searches conducted off military. installations or in areas or buildings not under military control normally must be. Such ar- ticles should be opened only if nec- essary to identify the owner of the ve- hicle or if the container (Army, see AR –22; and. Air Force, see AFP.

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I need to add a few more awards.

32 CFR – Administration. | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

As for research, I did find this. I believe I have a right to know if 190–22 Soldier is living in a house that could be featured on “Hoarders”. I’ve been told reclassing isn’t an option until you’re in a reenlistment window, so that is not always an option.

For purposes of safety and to prevent possible agitation of military police working dogs, seeing-eye or guide dogs will not be allowed in or around working dog kennels and facilities. But I am a member of the US Army which means something specific to all of us.

32 CFR 552.18 – Administration.

A commander may examine the whole or part of a unit, organization, installation, vessel, aircraft, or vehicle, including entrance and exit points. Had the shot to get promoted in This does not preclude acceptance of offers of rides voluntarily made by individuals or properly accredited organizations nor does it preclude the use of properly authorized and established share-the-ride or similar stations which may be sanctioned by local military authorities.

So, all the party that live in that house, and also present in the house of the time of the consensual search, HAS to agree with it Learning all that I can and showing that I exceed the standard on a daily basis works for me both personally and professionally.

So, THANK YOU for squaring me away You just come off as soup You see generally only a Commander may order an inspection like this and generally it’s only to his area of responsibility Generally you nor your Commander have the authority to conduct inspections to a Soldier’s off post housing I’m just saying.


Investigation and disposition of matters pertaining to the fitness of military judges.

For the record, I’m not a “young” SPC. I highly doubt you know the difference between an off post housing inspection and a class “A” inspection.

Health and Welfare | Army Study Guide

They are not allowed to inspect bedrooms or other private areas; and they cannot open any drawers or cupboards, only look at what might already be open.

As for keeping paperwork, you betcha I made copies from then on. Just trying to find the right answer. If your house is not trashed, I’m going to spend about the same amount of time in it as I do in a Solder’s barracks room doing their inspection.

The next 15 months were spent fighting for a medical waiver which I ultimately was granted in These searches are authorized when based on probable cause that an offense has been committed or on military necessity. If you as my leader refuse to lend any weight to my life experience and continue to treat me like a 20 year old wet behind the ears Soldier, then don’t expect any respect from me more than what is required by the UCMJ.

Off the top of my head, that’s what I come up with right now.

I agree with you in that it’s all in the delivery. Hitchhiking is prohibited by the Army. That, in my opinion, is how an off post inspection should go. The installation commander may eject violators of game laws or post regulations and prohibit their reentry under 18 U. Notification of the decision on the appeal and the action taken will be reported to the State licensing agency, the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and the Department of Defense ManpowerReserve Affairs, and Logistics.

Which is why you’re calling it a Health and Welfare. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, though we do refresh the database weekly.


I finally have to say something. Like Reply 0 Likes. That missing out on the promotion from certainly made me learn a hard lesson. It just amazes me when I 1900-22 who gave you the right to do a Health and Welfare and you say the Soldier? In I got my foot in the door.

Originally posted by Daddy Warcrimes: I’m over wishing for points to come down If they do, great, if not, I’m getting out in less than two years. Had before the change in point system. But if you rent, and don’t let them in, know that they will just contact the property owner and let them know they want to take a look around to protect the property owners interests. Seeing-eye or guide dogs will remain in guiding harness or on leash and under control of their blind masters at all times while in the facility.

I told him I would like to come over tomorrow and inspect his house. However, the installation commander may authorize xr representatives to enter the installation to distribute organizational literature and authorization cards to employees of private contractors, provided such distribution does not.

The regulations in this section are applicable to installations in the United States, and where appropriate, to oversea installations.

DA Form may also be used for recording passes, visitors, etc. Reports of violations of game laws will be reported to Federal or State authorities. I met his wife, introduced myself as her husband’s Section Sergeant, welcomed her to the ag Soldier was new to the Unit. He was hesitant at first, but said ok. These searches may be conducted in the United States, its territories and possessions, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.