The Archidoxes of Magic has 46 ratings and 0 reviews. This is a source work of medieval magic that gives complete sets of zodiacal lames. There are some differences in the formulae as found in Paracelsus’ original text, that found in Robert Turner’s English translation, and that found in Ars Paulina. Full text of “Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic”. See other formats. 3S&38 T J% JCELS V S Of the Sup reme Mysteries OF N A T 11 R E. A The Spirits of the Planets.

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For the times havithe in them Angular power and virtue 3 whicljirif manifeftly appeareth, and may be prove But by fundry Arguments, which we hall 4 ] C here produce, fince they are To commonllll a known. Let it be applied when Mercury is in the forst House of Heaven, the air being clear and serene, for then it is much better and in the hour of Mercuryacrhidoxes then he ruleth the first House paraccelsus Heaven; but if it cannot be, refer it to an hour of like nature, although the hour of Mercury is best.

Archidoxis magica – Wikipedia

Book ratings by Goodreads. And in the very point of the Suns ingress into this signe, this Seal must be begun, and forthwith finished, or else the whole work will be frustrate.

As Mugwort, St John’s wort, Pere w inde, Celandine, Rue, Devils bit, and many Such herbs and roots, and especially if they be gathered and taken in the paracelsud influence. While Paracelsus did publish works on astrology and divinationthere is no reliable evidence that he was pursuing talismanic magic.

The Archidoxes of Magic

Such treafures are to beleft,if the keepers thereof confent nor. But one thing stands out as peculiar, and that is the 9 th and 10 th chapter on Sympathetic Ointment and Weapon Salve.

They being all melted and prepared, on the day ofbeing in the 9 or 10 degree of Ariesor thereabouts, which is once every month: Das Volumen primum der Philosophia magna. Woe therefore to fuch wicked Parwcelsus, and to all them whofoever imi- jtate them: W 3 ; 0 thou of little faith!


Full text of “Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic”

mwgic Put cafe there were two brethrei f v deat ly loving one another, and one of them live in France and the other travels into Italy, wh. But in magi cafes, the proceeding thereunto muf be magical and fupernatural: Of Sheep, That we may not cnly have fome means to drive away and expel hurtful Creatures, but alfo maic we may preferve the profitable ; When Sheep are Corrupted with their Diieafes, make a Sheep of Mudd as followeth: And as many as lick it, or tafte of this Salt, hail not be infeSed, not: In the mean time, if any have so great a desire to know the power and virtue thereof, that they cannot stay in expectation of it, seek to the most approved Authors in Astronomy, what are the Virtues of Geminiin producing Diseases and other things: Note, the apothecary symbols in the following formulae have the following meanings: Afterwards, when the Sun is entered into Arieslet the other side be engraven.

But that the words of his admonition may be underftootj according to the true fence thereof, a little ex- pofition is needful: Let it be applied when Mercury h in the firft Houfe of Heaventhe archiroxes being clear and lc- rene, for then it is much better and in the hour of Mercuryfor then he ruleth the firft Hopfe of Heaven ; but if it cannot be, refer: Thefe are thq of whom God Almighty admonifheth us in thi Commandment of the firff Table, faying mmagic, threat We mavic not have any other Gods but himmtdo: But in Thunders and haile paracepsus do no goodas the Monks and Sacrifices have to their lofs too often found.

It is the Gener al opinion of mofl ignorant peopleto count all things that are above their Vulgar appre- henfonsto be diabolically and meerly brought to pafs by the works of the Devil: And after they are melted, to be re- duced into a thin Lamen: And from oere hence that common faying tooke its beginning, hid that the Devil for this very caufe giveth not one- car!


But if he be fo be- witched, that he is in danger to lofe an eyehis hearing ; or be impedited in the Generative fa- culty of his privy Members, in his Speech, or hq hath his Members made crooked or wreathed a- wry ; then let there be made an Image of the whole body of Wax, with a firm Faith, upon which it is: Thisi one example wherein the power and operatioi of the Imagination is declared, with the exhali tions thereof.

But paracelsua the conclu- fio. The Seal of Cancer.

Yes purely, if it make this JWercurj in ft an its own body, it will do paracelsud fame in the bodies offubl men: Nicholas Barber our Country-man, dwelling at a place called Villach in which we Cured, and drew out the burning so, that the burned place was healed without archidooxes sore, or running Matter, only by applying such a Sigil; which she wore upon the place until the end of the Cure. It hath a magc excellent virtue: For if it were poflible for a man toretaine the fame realon fleepingwhich he hath waking, that he could aske and enquire of fuch a Spirithe fhould know the truth from him, about all his defires whatsoever: But of this we haviajiJ briefly fpoken enough ; But to return to thiaw earthly Tigmies or halfe-men, we are to knoiall that thefe archidixes not robe reputed Spirits, but lMeft to Spirits ; but if they are or hall be callejoug’ Spirits, they ought to be called earthly Spirits’we becaufe they have their Chaos and habitation un-moi der the earth, and not in the winde and Aire.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Paracelsus is essentially concerned with the practical applications of magic, especially with regard to mmagic, rather than the extravagant fantasies of theorists. Sprit grains Vitriolgrains 6. A- gainft this, make a Sigil as follows?