Argumentationstraining gegen Stammtischparolen. Public. · Hosted by VHS Saarlouis. Interested. clock. Tuesday, November 13, at PM – PM . Workshop: Argumentationstraining gegen Stammtischparolen. Public. · Hosted by Jugendkinderkultur Quibble and Kreisjugendring Nürnberg-Stadt. Interested. Workshop: Argumentationstraining gegen Stammtischparolen. Public. · Hosted by AStA Kassel. Interested. clock. Jan 20, at PM – Jan 21, at .

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My journey, and I have spoken to countless others who have travelled similar ones, has taught me some fundamental truths about work and personal ethics: To be ignored, is not that reason. While many of the signs were bilingually designed, seeing numerous words that I could not recognize, let alone pronounce, caused an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Argumentationstraining gegen Stammtischparolen in Kaiserslautern

Autonomy and Passion argumentatoinstraining non-negotiable. Aware that teachers in schools do not come with bilingual signs, I felt that fear creep up out of my stomach and make its way toward my throat. Your success is your own responsibility. How will I understand them? The real problem, however, was that I had remained a victim of my circumstances out of fear. I felt like an impostera fake, a mole.

My worthiness of opportunity had been inherently linked to my resemblance of everyone around me. I became interested in politics and completed an apprenticeship in the German Parliament, which my principle, I am sure, would never have believed.

No longer did I feel the need to shed my skin in order to be able to do my job. At twenty-eight, a radical and argumentztionstraining contemplation of where my life ggeen going was in order. You do not have to check your private life at the door, before you get to your desk. The numbers were okay.


10 Truths (Worth Sharing) That Made Me A Better Me – timothy-trainings Webseite!

I joined a political argumentationstgaining and founded a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing aid to those who need it. It did not feel right. If it feels right, it is. Do not conform to the lesser expectations people may have of you. You absolutely must love what you do and it must be of your own choice.

Everything for which I had been criticized as a child, an adolescent and as a young adult: Teachers do not hold up bilingual signs in their classrooms and neither do people on the street. My calling and my profession were intertwined.

It came as no surprise that I was released from school following the tenth grade and told to focus on learning German and getting a spot as an apprentice in a good company in order to then get a nice job and make a good living for myself.

Done, basically, as I was told.

Everything I could speak of and about. Or children of the same age, who are looking at you, staring at you, waiting for you to fumble over words so that they have something to laugh about, something that they can use to distinguish you as different from themselves. There, I took night classes and shifts as a night receptionist to pay for them until I emerged with degrees in Diversity and Gender Studies. After a year or two, no one could hear that I was not from Germany.

Everything I was good at. During the early morning hours of August 27th,I exited the plane and entered Frankfurt International Airport at the age of sixteen.

Argumentationstraining gegen Stammtischparolen by Anna Lapra on Prezi

I looked at team performances of those who felt included versus those who did not. Your inner voice is there for a reason. Although many passengers and employees in the airport spoke English, I immediately noticed every sign that was written in German.


However, the assessment of my role in the teams within which I was performing was rarely, if ever, based on job performance. Listen with the intent to understand, not to answer.

Workshop: Argumentationstraining gegen Stammtischparolen

My results were good. It did feel right. Own it or it will own you. How well I could conform. And do not expect less from yourself. I had been denied a high school education and any hope of a university education based on this notion and had embarked upon a career in order to compensate for it.

And do not expect less from yourself “. Today, at thirty-six, Im still walking through the lineups. Everyone wants to be understood.

How will anyone understand me? Breathing through that fear, there was nothing left to do but to keep walking through the lineups, dragging my suitcase behind me. But making rent, needing to eat and the sheer fear and shame of being dubbed a failure prevented me from ever telling my bosses, or admitting to myself, that the career path I was on had been dictated to me, rather than grown organically from what I love to do and what I can do.

Everything that had made me different, had now become argumentatuonstraining strengths. If you have to “fit-in” to belong, the container is too small. I proudly planted myself into a field that I had lived, breathed and felt for my entire thirty-six year lifetime.

I studied everything I loved. I examined innovation, creativity and their connection to diverse teams. All the while, aware that my story, my narrative, had changed.

It was immediately apparent to me just how aegumentationstraining this was going to be.