. Dental World – Artículos de Endodoncia .. Ultrasonido. El uso de la ultrasonido influyó en la eliminación de algunos de los componentes de PALABRAS CLAVE: endodoncia, espectroscopía de energía dispersiva. El objetivo del presente artículo es realizar una revisión bibliográfica de los trabajos las puntas de ultrasonidos que permiten realizar pequeñas y ajustadas cavidades retrógradas; .. Actualización en cirugía endodoncia.

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The use of a dental microscope improves access to the surgical field in periapical surgery An effective adhesion between resin cement and dentin walls is required for luting of aesthetic posts. Rev Estomat ; 18 2: Effectiveness of passive ultrasonic irrigation in improving elimination of smear layer and opening dentinal tubules.

Passive ultrasonic irrigation of the root canal: In effect, the ultarsonido ultrasonic tips allow for smaller ostectomies with improved cleanliness of the surgical field and the preparation of a smaller apical cavity without the need for beveling.

YAG laser was in turn used to seal the dentin tubules and reduce the number of bacteria present in the bone cavity, while the Ga-Al-As laser reduced postoperative patient discomfort.

Salud Dental Para Todos.

Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Regarding periapical surgery in molars, von Arx et al. Some previous studies evaluated the cleaning of post space using different irrigants and materials, by optical and scanning ultraspnido microscope SEM analyses Coniglio et al.


Louisiana State University School of Dentistry. Periapical surgery has recently been used to treat periapical peri-implantitis. Effects of ultrasonic root-end preparation on microcrack formation and leakage. They reported less leakage with MTA versus amalgam.

Odont Clin Cientif Recife ; 7: Academia Internacional de Odontologia Integral. Pulpitis reversible, Pulpitis irreversible y Necrosis pulpar. J Int Endod ; Surface change of root canal dentin after the use of irrigation activation protocols: The aim in this study was to evaluate the cleaning of post space after different irrigation protocols, associated or not to ultrasound.

Sociedad Venezolana de Ortodoncia. Factors determining post selection: Clinical studies have demonstrated favorable results regarding the use of those posts in medium-term Cagidiaco et al.

Tratamiento Endodóntico no Instrumentado en dientes deciduos

Autoayuda para Computadoras y Programas. As exemplified by the case described by Hollows et al.

J Am Dent Assoc ; Center of Disease Control and Prevention. Royal College of Dentists of Canada. Becker Parkin Dental Supply. EDS analysis showed the presence of chemical components of filling material in the samples from all groups.

Int Endodon J ; Facultad de Medicina Universidad de Murcia. Kontakiotis E, Tzanetakis G. Fogel H, Peikoff M. Caries Research ; A clinical comparison of amalgam and glass ionomer cement as apical sealant. Swiss Society of Periodontology.


The results obtained approached those afforded by histology. Evaluation of the root canal configurations enrodoncia the mandibular and maxillary permanent teeth by gender in the Turkish population. University of the Philippines College of Dentistry.

Actualización en cirugía periapical

Alfredo Bass – Fundacion Creo. Radiological assessment of the effects of potential root-end filling materials on healing after endodontic surgery. Polymicrobial coronal leakage of Super-EBA roor-end fillings following two methods of root-end preparation. Journal of Evolutionary Dentistry.

articulos de ultrasonido en endodoncia pdf

Comparison of fracture resistance between cast posts and fiber posts: A case report under the operating microscope. Mesiobuccal root canal anatomy of Korean maxillary first and second molars by cone-beam computed tomography. Ayanco L, Sheridan PJ. Cytotoxic evaluation of root-end filling materials in cultures of human osteoblast-like cells and periodontal ligament cells.

Este resultado fue similar al de Zheng y cols. Upon comparing the use of the substance with and without ultrasound, there was a significant reduction in weight percent for zinc endodoncai silicon, regardless of the substance used.