Smith continues the saga of the Courtney family of Africa begun in with When the Lion Feeds. In this installment, Leon Courtney, ladies’. Wilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the master of the historical novel. Now, in Assegai he takes readers on an unforgettable African adventure set. Assegai (Courtney Family Adventures) [Wilbur Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the.

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Both antagonists are larger-than-life characters, even stronger alpha-males than the protagonists seem to be. The only thing that kept me reading this disturbing book was the conviction that the hero would wake up and become aware of the travesty of safari hunting,which is outlined here in tedious and horrifying detail.

Leon CourteneyPenrod Ballantyne. I did enjoy it in parts, but Hardcoverpages. It is a love story, but not a mushy one. Aug 28, Tom G. Otto later attempts to hunt a lion in the traditional Maasai way – with an assegai and shield – but he is mauled by a second lion during the hunt.

Leon Courtney – the perfect specimen over 6 foot, hunk, fantastic lover smmith amazing with his gun nopun intended honest. Obviously well done by the master storyteller, however, this plays out too much like a Hollywood nazi-spy epic. Smoth one hand, I was disgusted by the cruelty and stupidity of Western colonists hunting animals for pure fun maybe that’s my sensitivity.

When he becomes discouraged by the dishonesty of army life, his uncle recruits him smiith a special mission – spying on the Germans in East Africa, whom the General suspects are preparing for the Kaiser’s war.

Smith has created another wonderful piece of fiction, which works well as a continuation of asssgai Courtney saga or as a standalone novel. Simon Vance is one of my wiilbur narrators.


There was potential but it fell flat. I love Africa and adventures in the bush. Because this book was assefai a let down. Leon uses his contacts among the Maasai – gained from saving Manyoro’s life – to establish a secret information and communications network between Nairobi and German East Africa, while Manyoro and Loikot, a young Maasai who had assisted Leon during his recovery, serve as his trackers.

Assegai | Book by Wilbur Smith | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

He brought Africa to life for me. Books by Wilbur Smith.

Leon is recruited by his uncle Penrod Ballantyne, commander of the British forces in East Africa, to gather information on one of his clients: Mar 12, Kenneth Hammond rated it really liked it. What can I say?

I couldn’t quite lose myself in this book, but I know it was only due to the descript Leon Courtney is the protagonist in this Assegai, number thirteen in the Courtney family series.

Oct 08, Thomas rated it liked it. Approached by his uncle, Penrod Ballantyne, Leon agrees to help keep his eyes and ears ope Smith ups the ante in this Courtney novel, lucky number thirteen, which has very fluid ties to its predecessor.

Wilbur Smith has once again presented a masterpiece of drama with magnificent descriptions of the splendour of African scenery juxtapos This exciting adventure set in Africa is thrilling to the last word. A lot can turn rotten, but somehow it never quite does.

Assegai references the spear used by the Maasai tribesmen of Nairobi. Asinine would be more accurate Even so, I read the entire book hoping a little classic Wilbur would shine through. Glimpses of African tribal life and African history were indeed of interest,but the wilbkr and obvious glorification of Britain rather intruded. After a fallout with his father, Leon Courtney leaves home and joins the army with a little help from his uncle, Penrod Ballantyne.


Ah, Wilbur Smith is one of those writers I have avoided for some reason.

It tells the adventurous tale of a young white African man, just 18 sith the outset, who displays his seemingly superhuman prowess as a soldier, a wild game hunter, a fighter pilot, and a lover. There is danger lurking from humans and animals throughout which kept my attention rapt. To ask other readers s,ith about Assegaiplease sign up. This was an okay read in some ways when it came to the panoramic tour of 20th emith Africa that it offered.

I found mysefl for the first time ever hoping that the ‘baddies’ would kill everyone just so I could finish the book. The action is continuous and the plot complicated enough to retain interest. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Meerbach is a businessman, whose company builds aircraft and vehicles for the Kaiser’s ever-expanding military.

The Courtney Series: The Assegai Trilogy

Even the name lacked creativity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oh, and he was fun. None of the characters even the leads were anything worth re Wilbur Smith has enthralled me in the past. Leon finds himself falling for von Meerbach’s assegaj mistress but never forgets that his real mission is to destroy the enemy.

Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! And instead of becoming an advocate for animal rights,the hero’s focus shifts drasticall The only thing that kept me reading this disturbing book was the conviction smitth the hero would wake up and become aware of the travesty of safari hunting,which is outlined here in tedious and horrifying detail.

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