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ᐅᐅ Dating alys perez chapter 33

Magnificent shas in full levant morocco, gilt, g. Aqui se contiene treynta proposiciones muy juridicas. Rome, after I2th March, I Woodcut diagrams of spheres, and the large folding woodcut map of the globe. There is no difference between the edition of andexcept that some small corrections are, here and there, to be found in the latter, where there had been obvious faults which could be remedied.

Maroon morocco, fully gilt panelled back, g. The continent of America astrolpgia not laid down, but Cuba is elongated and separated by a narrow strait from South America. Paris, Christian Wechel, The first, second, and fourth voyages of Amerigo Vespucci. Wittemberg, Peter Seitz, ; and N.

He spent thirty-four of the seventy-nine years of his life in America, crossing the Atlantic eight times; and died at. With various revolving and other geographical and astronomical diagrams, including a full-page map of America. Dark olive green morocco, gilt sides and back, g. Red levant morocco, gilt, gilt panelled back, inside dentelles, ‘g.

On rain, snow, dew and fog.

Dating alys perez chapter 33

Gomara was one of the earliest and at the same time one ivdas the ablest of the Spanish historians of the New World. The cosmographical woodcuts include two globes depicting America. Con la conquista de Mexico, y de la nueva Espafia.


The actual author of the compilation itself is not definitely known. Con la gionta del Monte del Oro novamente ritrovato. ParisMichel de Vascosan, I The passage is sometimes cited to impart an air of authenticity to the codicil, made according to military usage, and written on passadae blank leaf of a breviary, said to have been presented to Columbus by Alexander VI, and found afterwards in the Corsini Library asyrologia Rome, or picked up in a book-stall, and purchased for a few cents.

Ca flos fines oela tictra? Title within woodcut border; Gothic Letter. The number of persons in Spain wishing to emigrate or to join expeditions bound for the New World increased, and the settlements already established in the islands lost a large part of their inhabitants, carried away to Peru, by the desire for adventure and the wealth to be obtained; and the eagerness to get information from America was greatly intensified.

Released after some days, he was persuaded to return to Lima, and it was suggested that, in consideration of his release, he should urge the Audiencia to leave the government to Gonzalo Pizarro.

Gothic Letter, 40 lines to a full-page, woodcut vignettes, illustrations in the text, and ornamental capitals. Fueron recebidas el ano de I Printed in Avry throughout. Thus were the Indies discovered, through pqssadas sufferings of those who first beheld the land and left no record of its name, or of how it could be reached, or of the year in which it was discovered.

Zirate had part in the conflicts occasioned by the arrival of Nufes Vela and the rebellion of Gonzalo Pizarro.

Sergio Mattoscio Download PDF

Straight-grained morocco, gilt sides and back, g. Humano fiquidenvcognita non generi: He returned to Spain inwhere, having failed to obtain the governorship of Florida, which had been given to Soto, he obtained that of the Rio de la Plata, in In our copy, the jesnne type A is found in excellent and quite untouched condition. Venice, Nicolo d’Aristotile, detto Zoppino, The French designs were in a few years’ time completely frustrated, but they lasted long enough to produce a considerable number of expeditions, and a belief that France would justify the title conferred on the settlement by Thevet.


Venice, Nicolo d’Aristotile, June, The only bibliographer who mentioned the book before Cordier, Innooencio da Silva, mentions its extreme rarity.

Full text of “Publications”

La Historia General de las Indias. Oec oeerit fanctiffima eigenit mr vilrgoq cclefie nre ooletane cw ius legatione fingimurvois arpirat tue fuo illi fancro vefiigio facraur. Lisboncirca I This tract contains a strong enunciation of Las Casas’ convictions, which grew out of his controversy with Sepulveda. He seems to have set out to issue a series of voyages; but these two were all he ever published.

Historia de las Cosas de Ethiopia, en la qual se cuenta muy copiosamente, el estado y potencia del acery della que es el que muchos han pensado ser el preste Juan con otras infinitas particularidades, assi de la religio de aquella gente, como de sus cerimonias. The folding map of the world shows all of America, the Southern part bearing the name “America,” and Northern the word “Baccalearum.

Jeajne un vidass Particolare di tutte le vvidas parte di Tramontana da lor scoperte. The map may be taken as embodying the result of Spanish discovery inas reported to Medina by the pilots, with whom his official position as examiner brought him into constant intercourse.

This preface only occupies five pages, but it is indeed a noteworthy review of all the latest advances in geography. Anvers, Jehan Richart, Oassadas returned to Spain in July,with the first instalment of gold, and his report was printed in Seville, in that year.

Von der wunderbarlichen Artzney des Holtz Guiacum genant und wie man die Frantzosen oder Blatteren heilen sol. With numerous woodcut diagrams. La relacion y commentaries del governador Aluar Nunez Cabeqa de Vaca, de lo acaescido en las dos jornadas que hizo a las Indias.