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On 25th May,Khan Jahan Bahadur came from Jodhpur, after demolishing the temples and bringing with him some cart-loads of idols, to be placed under the steps of Jami masjid. Apne zati musafir puray karne ke liye won apne hath se topiyan seeta aur Quran Pak lakhta aur isi asool par us ne tamam zindagi basar ki. Aurangzeb ne apni taweel takht nasheeni ke door mein zayada waqt mukhtalif mehmaat mein guzara. Second nzzar of historians are apologetics of the Emperor.

Aurangzeb alamgir par ek nazar pdf

Mera farz hai ke apni rahat ka khayal sirf is had tak karon jis had tak usay mere riaya ki khushi hasil ho. Polarization of the community has led to polarization also of historians. When an uncommitted historian looks to present polarization in the Indian sub-continent he would be inclined to connect the dots that lead one from the period of Sheikh Sarhindi to the one of Allama Iqbal and Abul ala Modudi.

September mein Shah Jahan sakht bimar ho gya aalamgir us ke beton ke mabain husool takht ke liye larai barh gyi. The task of establishing true Islamic rule fell upon the sturdy shoulders of Aurangzeb Third group tries to present things in true perspective as far as possible. Is silsile mein nazam adliya mein beshumar tabdiliyan kien.

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In there were more than To achieve this objective, jizya should be mercilessly levied upon them, and they should be treated like dogs.

Islam and infidelity are two irreconcilable opposites.

Aurangzeb and Polarization of Society in the Indian Subcontinent

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The overwhelming proof of that taste is that in lar his goal he lost the distinction between the temple and the mosque…who can deny the purity of his principle? This book presented Aurangzeb as the defender of Islam. But religious policies cannot be studies in isolation and a holistic approach is required.

They adopt an apologetic stance towards the Arab Turk, Afghan and Mughal invasion over India and policies of the Sultans of Delhi, regional Muslim states and Mughal Emperors, among whom Aurangzeb holds a very significant place.

Iqbal must have had a nostalgic longing for apamgir idol breaker Aurangzeb when he wrote in his Shiqwa But sanam nazaf men kahte hain musalmaan gaye The idols in the temples are happy that the Muslims have gone 47 and called Aurangzeb Abrahami.

Question arises why did Aurangzeb adopt policies which amounted to a break from the tradition of three previous emperors which had stood the taste of time? Us ki policy bila shuba Islami thi lekin us ne Hinduon par kabhi tashadad na kiya.

Aurangzeb Alamgir History In Urdu Aurangzeb Alamgir Par Ek Nazar Biography | Hindi Shayari

There are voluminous sources available to inform about the life and times of Aurangzeb and the aftermath of his policies. They do not take into account the desecration of the Jain temple of Sarasapur, Gujarat in The Sheikh gloomily mentions in his Maktubat about participation of Muslims, particularly women, in Deepawali celebrations and sending of presents to their daughters and sisters similar to those by the infidels. You are commenting using your WordPress.


He consulted him on important points of Muslim theology and sought his advice. Us ka tasawar hukumat bohat buland tha. He reported on August 10,that 66 temples have been destroyed. Conflict between Dara and Aurangzeb is a classical example of ongoing struggle between two strains of thought which may be termed rationalists and conservative respectively.

Aurangzib ‘Alamgir par ek nazar. ( edition) | Open Library

Lekin bad qismati se Kandahar us ke pohanchne se pehle hi Iraniyon ke hath mein ja aurahgzeb tha. Future of the world cannot be built on the policies of Aurangzeb extolled by one and vilified qlamgir other section of society.

Why did Aurangzeb adopt orthodox policy: Aurangzeb par Hindu kushi ka bay bunyad ilzam lagaya jata hai. Lack of evidence of any plan does not disprove the actions he took. Musalmanon ko sub se bara aitraz is baat par tha ke Aurangzeb ne sikah par se Kalma Tayyaba ke huroof hazaf karne ka hukam diya tha.

Clear relation between the ideals proliferated by Sheikh Sarhindi and Mian Masum and policies pursued by Aurangzeb contradict the contention of Irfan Habib.