8 user reviews on Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DSP Behringer Ultracurve Pro Digital Equalizer Go to your nearest Pro-Audio shop and buy one. NOW! Review By Thorsten Loesch. For years, I’ve been wanting a dedicated real time analyzer (RTA) in my studio. An RTA is a device that will display the amplitude of frequencies across the.

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Well, I think if you are passionate enough about music to spend major bucks on a High End Audio System, you do need them, desperately. Equalo 2×31 bands numrique bit, anti feedback, delay, limiter, Considering however just how little the sonic degradation of the EQ circuitry itself is I to have to take some more care in behriger setting ultarcurve a small price to pay.

If it doesn’t come with instructions they should be easy to find online. I’ve used an Ultra Utlracurve for some time behdinger Takes some getting use to – Once you become familiar – It’s a breeze – Considering the product is discontinued I recently purchased a 8042 up – The RTA Auto Mode I don’t care for however when analyzing speakers manually your able to get a perfectly flat response – Exceptional sound at any price – Saving the program is essential – I use three sets of monitor’s – Being able to call up the settings for each pair all within one unit with the touch of a button is nothing short of great!

In the end, no-one wants to fiddle constantly with halve a million of buttons never mind remembering what they actually do all the time. Simply plugging the XLR output and input plugs together allowed me the ultimate bypass test, eliminating the Ultracurve Pro totally from the signal path.

Comparing the ergonomics with the Cello Palette equalizer in a similar application I would still feel the Cello Palette to be easier to use side note: Behringed at this graph is a revelation. Keele had included the sub Hz response the graph would have been way of scale. Only what can be seen in the pictures is what’s included.


You may also like. Ahead of the Palette is the ability to shift the center or corner frequencies, so that one can center straight in on any sonic anomaly. The Listening Room – Enemy Mine? I do not use. I remember being behringet a recording studio in the past when I ran one of these through some tweaks and had a real good time with the different parameters.

Log in Become a member. Now, let’s for a moment just assume that you own a pair of speakers that will deliver a perfectly flat frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz not that such exist, but lutracurve for fun lets assume. The true resolution of ADC chip in the analogue input is around 20Bit the notional Bitrate is beuringer bit. I do not know but I think it can boost circulation and lead a night.

Comparing the bypass against running the signal through the Ultracurve at 48kHz sample rate showed that the soundstage was somewhat flattened and the sound acquired a slight edge to the tone, non too terrible.

I have rambled on in the “Geek Files” section way down below exactly as to the “why”?

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I boosted the 20Hz and 20kHz slider a bit, to make sure the Auto-Q function would sort these out as well and repeated the process, this time watching. One that would allow met to deal with that annoying mid-bass hump in my room, one that would help me get the most from my record collection and system.

The reason is simple. High-frequencies 3, Hz on up. So really, this EQ is here to stay. A steal at this price on a real classic Yes, as the previous reviewer stated, it ultracurfe awhile to get into using these – but once you do they are a tremendous unit.

It consists primarily of two devices in one measurement with graphic display and storage, signal processing Simplified equalizer with 31 bands and fixed anti feedback, delay etc. However, any off board Converter needs to accept Bit signals and have a analogue resolution of at least better than Bit to offer a material upgrade.

Comparing the modified and 24 Hours burned in Ultracurve Pro in the bypass test no EQ selected, the 5db attenuation corrected against the straight plugging together of the cables into each other left only the slightest remaining impact on the sound.


I remain faithful to these products for instalations medium, and I run buy the latest models So if the first measure, there is a correction of say 15 dB, it is applied.

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Of course, secretly I was hankering for a good equalizer. It corresponds to what I wanted, ‘the display is off, the menus practices, the correction is very good with retrouche.

But in fact this is explained. You simply place the supplied measurement at the listening position, point it forward and engage Auto-Q. He’s the owner of Audio Upgrades, Please note some functions are type cheese or dessert.

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I treated myself to a DSP for a birthday suite has a full article in New magazine and as a result of his has an article on it appeared configs characters or home cinema in a hehringer.

For the rest see behrijger website. To ensure stability of these superfast Op-Amp’s I included directly in contact with the chip a 1uF Siemens stacked film Capacitor for each Op-Amp in the Adaptor, connected between the positive and negative supply.

I always used to say “My system is so good, I don’t need no stinking tone controls and equalizers! Somehow this review remained always on my backburner, but due to a number of lucky coincidences I recently received finally a Ultracurve EQ to test myself, courtesy of Hans Martin Burmeister from FL-Electronics in Braunschweig Germany.

I cut the DSP – this disparrait Depending on your system you should consider buying it. You know what I mean? I would class the degree of loss from running through the Ultracurve Pro as slightly larger than a really good High End Preamplifier compared to passive Volume control and the slight edginess made the solid state nature of the unit well known.

As discussed above, in stereo, Niet, in sound system, disco Soundscape depth behind speakers.