Belkin | TuneCast | – Belkin Tunecast II FM Transmitter Mod. Home Sign Up! Explore Community Submit All Art Craft Food Games Green Home. I’m using a Belkin Tunecast II, with the longer antenna mod, and the quality of the audio is terrible. The coverage is not too bad, but its full of. the Belkin tunecast 2 FM transmitter can be modified to extend the transmit range. It can put out over milliwatts of RF power and be heard.

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What I did if any one wants to know I used a good soldering iron, tuneast some VERY thin gold wire did at work under a microscope and just made a shunt around the Inductor that you ripped out ripped up.

Just found out the photos are too big, need a bit of time to edit them, be back tomorow. Ok, so I have looked at the mod for bypassing the attenuator and I am confused on how to do this.

Tunecast II Mod [Archive] – Do It Yourself Christmas Forums

Older gray colored versions of the Tunecast lose their memory settings and reset to If you live in the UK, Maplin Electronics www. Just don’t want to fry it doing something stupid. The blue wire has been removed and is thus no more used. Belkin Tunecast II mod. The pin at the top left corner of the IC in the bottom right is the RF output and the wire connection near the L5 marking near the top left is the antenna.

The solution is to replace the stereo plug with a plug that is small enough to still fit the TuneCast package. As promised, with this feature allows you to ‘swamp-out’ a typical commercial FM station within 2 to 3 meters of the transmitter and enjoy the peace and quiet. You won’t quite need a diesel generator but the battery pack from your Intel Centrino laptop might not be big enough. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Battery power inputs 3. The bloat of Rockbox I saw a green flash today!


In the end i basic shorted the resistor.

Belkin Tunecast 2 mod

I am going to try this myself, so if I am wrong please someone correct me. And I need help to find the attenuator: S But anyway, it works, I’m using the connect directly to the Pin12 method though I left the original circuit in place incase I get collared by OfCom I’m in the UK, and they don’t like any FM transmitters in the hands of joe public!!!

The first experiment was to extend the antenna. But in addition the blackness there is glue and crap on there that are inhibiting me from seeing where every thing goes.

Belkin Tunecast II mod

The coax can then be used to drive an external RF amp described here. Been reading up on FM transmitters and the Tunecast 2 seemed easy to modify the range so I went and purchased one.

Im looking to get around 1 kilometer so my friend can tune to my internet station,he doesnt have internet. I also would assume the mesh on the coax would be ground, but I just tynecast think it’s important on the Belkin application. Thanks to the info found here, I have just removed c38 and soldered about 6″ of wire direct to the pin. Can anyone tell me for sure whether bypassing the attenuator will increase its power past 50nw??: I am going to figure out how to make it work the way I want to, and when I do Share This Page Tweet.

I removed the old antenna just ripped it off and soldered a new line to the board on the same position as shown in reply And then I ended up getting a 5W transmitter for a pretty good price, so I won’t need this now. Two different tutorials on modding the Tunecast II transmitter by adding a more effective Antenna. It is very tight, be sure to route the wires so they bbelkin interfere with with any of the buttons on the unit.


Any tunecash would be great The gray bezel around tunevast front comes off and the screws are under there. Once open I found the board layout to be different, the attenuator components are not there, the range to start with was useless so I cut off the blue antenna wire and soldered a 69cm long wire on to the same point, range a little better but not much, then I tried a telescopic antenna instead of the wire, range still no better.

Any What is your antennae length from the solder pad to the end. I work in a solid steel building, that’s HUGE. That’s not much power if you tunecqst it to go very far. Also thank you deplanche I went ahead and just seperated the current antenna and extended it for now and it is working a lot better.

Posted by Boris Gjenero at 7: What is your frequency. Anyone have any ideas? That wire comes out of the hole in the case, and is used to broadcast the signal. After blowing up the photos, it appears you soldered a bridge between where the inductor was connected to the left ‘L6’ contact the two L6 contacts do not appear to have been bridgedwhere you also connected the external antenna the internal antenna does not appear to have been reattached.

I lowered the volume on the PC about half way, and that helped clearity a lot.

An ESD safe surface mount soldering station and microscope are required.