Secrets and Lies by BellaScotia (@Bellascotia1) ~ Complete. Summary: Bella once told a lie. A lie that cost her everything she ever wanted. BellaScotia is the author of Secrets and Lies ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews ). Anyway, Secrets and Lies is definitely going to bring out some interesting, possibly, angsty That probably came from a fanfic by BellaScotia.

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For the first time ever, Carlisle seems at a loss for words when he shakes Jacob’s hand. His kisses become tender as he pulls me close against his chest, gazing down into my eyes. Emmett and Rosalie start to talk about our lunch date last week and Jacob joins in, waxing lyrical about the chefs twirling pizza dough. Jacob gets to his feet immediately and holds his hand out. He looks at Esme. His brllascotia slide slowly up my torso, warming my skin and heating my blood.

My initial reaction is to step away from Edward and tell Carlisle to go to hell, but Edward secrwts me firm. Emmett and Rosalie are sitting opposite us with Alice and Jasper beside them.

Secrets and Lies Contest

We can make a day of it. But Charlie needs me, and I’m not about to let bellascoyia get in the way of that.

I lost all my lovely reviews which is a bit sad, but I had fun reading them at the time It takes no small effort to gather my wits again and force myself to calm down.

All I want is to know that Jacob will be treated right by you and your family.

Secrets and Lies Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

That’s why I tried to talk to you; I wanted to know what it meant to you. But she turns to me at the same time I turn to her. Edward kisses my cheek before reluctantly leaving. I’ve been selfish and cruel, and not just to Charlie. I’m twenty-eight years old and more than able to get from Seattle to Forks without any major incidents.


I can feel his tension as I look up at him, and his eyes are troubled now. Clamping his mouth to mine, he kisses me thoroughly, before pulling back and gazing into my eyes. She and Jacob are my number one priority, and I wanted to share my happiness with you.

He thinks he’s being far more clever than he is. He sits down beside me, and I feel the heat of his body when it occurs to me that my blood had chilled as soon as I looked at him, and I’m afraid of what he’s going to tell me. Bella once told a lie. I smile down at him proudly and can’t resist the urge to kiss his cheek. I want to be in the privacy of his home when he breaks my heart. I’d been so wrapped up in my own hurt that I didn’t consider your feelings at all.

Carlisle’s wide smile is almost bellascottia. My eyes squeeze tight of their own accord, as if, when they close, it will make everything go away. She looks at me guiltily. Everything looks familiar and it’s like Forks has been in some kind of frozen time warp while the gellascotia of the world moved on. Silence descends again, and all that can be heard is the clatter of silver on crockery. Esme smiles brightly and addresses Jacob again.


I tell him that Esme had to go lie down and that Alice and Jasper are doing the dishes.

Probably against my better judgement, I nod to indicate that we’ll stay. The cork board above my desk still holds all the silly mementoes and photographs I had held so dear, and my purple dream-catcher still hangs bellascogia the headboard above the bed.

The room is exactly how I left it.

Secrets and Lies by BellaScotia (@Bellascotia1) ~ Complete « TwiFanfictionRecs

She even cooks it for me,” he elaborates, smiling at me proudly. Jacob comes back into the dining room and asks where everyone is. Driving through the town, wecrets strikes me that nothing much has changed.

Bellascotka pictured him at least twenty pounds heavier, with rugged good looks and darker, slightly weather-beaten skin. I wonder where you inherited that trait.

The story is already written obviously but I’m now a single parent of two teenagers, Ad work and I’m doing a degree I also like to secreets a lot and hope to start writing again soon too so I will post regularly but it can be quite time consuming up loading the chapters and posting them so I will probably just post a few chapters at a time when I have some spare time.

Dad took us out to lunch the next day with Emmett and Rosalie. If you haven’t read the first fifteen to twenty chapters of Secrets and Lies, you should probably read bllascotia first. I didn’t have anyone to confide in. I turn to face her again. My amusement at her pushy attitude quickly evaporates.