Ben Jonson’s Epicoene. MARJORIE SWANN. Englishmen in the early modern period were obsessed with their bloodlines. “One of the most striking features of. Ben Jonson. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of. Epicoene has ratings and 22 reviews. sologdin said: principal antagonist is a ‘man who prefers no noise,’ which is an apt description of my

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The Performance Calendar of this present edition records performances at the Aungier Street Theatre, Dublin, in, and Here he comes; in quickly.

No; but he has heard of one that is lodged monson the next street to him, who is exceedingly soft-spoken; thrifty of her speech; that spends but six words a day.

The Elizabethan play as a linguistic context ……………………………. The play was suppressed. You have unbraced our brace of knights here, master Truewit. I wonder that he is not called to the helm, and made a counsellor!


Clerimont and Truewit talk about Otter when he has left. I have forbid the bans, lad: Trinity College, Cambridge, VI. Jan 21, Amy Wolf rated it it was amazing.

Christopher Sly, a drunkard and a bum, falls asleep at the bben pub and is object of quite different plot. Let your powder, your glass, and your comb be your dearest acquaintance. You see guilders will not work, but inclosed. What have I done, that may deserve this? Oct 07, Adam Kerker rated it it was ok. Is it for us to see their perukes put on, their false teeth, their complexion, their eye-brows, their nails? Your browser is not supported. I would have you get your Whitsuntide velvet cap, and your staff in your hand, to entertain them: For Poel as for Dryden, Epicene is a piece of brilliant poetic writing that is also superbly theatrical.

Sep 27, Mike Jensen rated it it was amazing. And, is 17 lock oyld. Now you may go in and rest; be as private as you will, sir.

Epicene: Stage History

I dwell in a windmill: Nay, but in ordinary: They are not apprehensive of an eminent perfection, but love flat, and dully.

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Courtenay spicoene libris As the main story begins Sly is more or less forgotten about. Go thy ways, and get me a minister presently, with a soft low voice, to marry us; bn pray him he will not be impertinent, but brief as he can; away: Dec 15, Jesse rated it it was amazing.

I will make thee an example — [ Beats Him. I will seal to it, that, or to a blank, and write thine own conditions. He begins already to be angry with his teeth.

Epicoene / Ben Jonson

Or, that he never be trusted with trimming of any but chimney-sweepers —. But here stands she that has vindicated your fames. Sep 07, John Yeoman rated it it was amazing. Come give him six, an he will needs.