, Local anesthetics: hydrophilic and hydrophobic pathways for the drug-receptor reaction. B Hille. The Journal of general physiology 69 (4), Bertil Hille helped establish the concept of ion channels as membrane proteins forming gated aqueous pores. He showed that Na + and K + channels of axons. Ionic Channels of Excitable Membranes by Bertil Hille (). $ Hardcover. Books by Bertil Hille. Showing 3 Results Books: Advanced Search.

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Bertil Hille – Google Scholar Citations

Someone that is such an accomplished scientist hlile someone with such an excellent understanding of all of these matters and such—well, your experiments, of course, are the admiration of the world.

But the general initial hiole I think is an important step in learning about it. Or I would just thumb through the pages and look for pictures and say, “Oh, that’s an interesting compound. And so what I did was to go back to—there was an enormous set of reviews, for example, by Abraham Shanes.

John works for Compaq computer. So it struck me as somewhat too empirical, and I think begtil my inclination was to try to improve the basis for understanding some of these things.

InHille started a new direction of studying the modulation of ion channels by G protein—coupled receptors. Running competitively is actually kind of fun, so I have even won a few races—in my age group.

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With some of the tranquilizers it’s clear what the function is, but looking through the Merck index there are, oh, thousands of compounds that have been discovered empirically that do not have clear functions. And at the end of the thesis, there’s a drawing, which actually is going to be reproduced in Nature Medicine, drawing separate sodium and potassium and leak channels in the membrane and also an enzyme and also the hilke potassium ATPase—the only things we knew in the membrane.

New articles by this author. Well, so we sort of skipped over what we knew at the time. There were a lot of things broken, and he just went in one after the other and fixed each part and set up things. It hillf start off that way, but there were many points where chance was a big factor. And that’s what Hagiwara always said that he thought, but that he couldn’t say it because Tasaki was too strongly against the idea of ion channels.


When I first arrived in Kacy’s lab, I think that the emphasis was largely mathematical. I think that contrary to the impression that people go to play tennis and enjoy the beach, I think that although those things are there, it just makes people work all the harder.

Structure-activity and all those things. My favorite from the point of view of getting attractive looking evoked potentials was area So anyway, that was an emotional shock.

Function and structure of ion channels | The Lasker Foundation

Clay certainly used potassium channel right away, without question. He lives in San Jose, and is a very entertaining and intelligent person, always interesting to talk to on virtually any subject.

He crystallized a potassium channel and determined its entire molecular structure by X-ray diffraction. This was a model for me even before I began experiments. So through zoology, I got a love of, for example, evolution and learned the taxonomy of lots of kinds of organisms, something that always interested me and accounts for why at all times I seem to speculate about evolution of ion channels and what organisms used them for what. But that must have been just a wonderful result.

So let’s stop here for a moment. Joseph Erlanger Washington University. Instead of the other half of the world, it was just something we had lived in and knew how they thought in a way. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. But Leonard Binstock and I were performing experiments together, and we indeed discovered that if the potassium concentration was high on both sides and TEA was present on the inside, that the potassium channels behaved like inward rectifiers.

Laskey University of Miami School of Medicine.

It was always a very strong family because of the ties among the Berril girls, who were really, really entertaining. I think it is now clearly recognized by everyone that, in fact, there are direct projections from the lateral geniculate to some of the higher numbered areas.


Rod is extending this work to other channels, and we eagerly await his next structure. Bertil Hille identifies in precise language each brtil underlying assumption, and details the experimental tools that were used to develop the still pretty fuzzy picture we hold in our minds’ eyes of the nerve membrane. Look forward to talking to you again. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. They used a very limited range. And then really get into the meat of the science after that and talk about how you came to your wonderful insights into channel structure and function.

If you put two pulls on an ordinary zipper, you can create a pore that travels. And Hans continued to work on it, and I think Richard Keynes was intending to work on bertli. So he told me about this letter, and I had never heard of Rockefeller, so I knew nothing about this. Typically it sorts ions one at a time, yet allows the preferred species to pass through at a rate of a million per second, far higher than hillee speed at which the best enzymes can process their substrates.

But this idea of the zipper berfil was, berrtil a general way, confirmed very beautifully when the channels were cloned and when the S-4 region was identified. Of the two of us, Bob was more interested in history and English literature, and I went into medicine. And Hubel and Wiesel, I think, at least initially tended to think more in terms of serial projection from lateral geniculate to area 17 and then from 17 to 18 and so forth.

So I spent very little time with Alan Hodgkin. So this was work on the connections between the lateral geniculate and the visual areas 17, 18 and 19?

Little more than three years ago, Nille made the boldest of his career decisions.