ISKCON Desire Tree – Devotee Network is a social network. This manual is meant to provide the essential information to start the Bhakti- vriksha Program. This material is the result of over 2 years of practical experience . This Book is a comprehensive guide to help the Bhakti Vriksha Servant Covered all the parts of Bhakti Vriksha Week: Spiritual Edification, Nectar of Holy .

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Cover those points here. Life is short and it is so much disturbed.

On the other hand, if he were to ask them to share in the expenses, the members will start to resent it and be suspicious of his motives in collecting the funds.

There are questions manhal at the end of each passage of the spiritual edification to enable them to cover all the important points in the passage. The most important part of this program is to encourage your members to commit to a spiritual standard.

Janual if I run, my heart will be palpitating. Can’t understand why he would want to run away. Read out first this passage from the Nectar of Devotion, Ch.

Running away from all your good fortune? We are at your service and will reply you promptly.

Bhakti Vriksha Manual

The documents currently being used in our centers are available here. Hence in the initial months it is prudent to abstain from seeking any donations from them. So do take up the Bhakti Vrksa preaching very seriously, since your own spiritual life is woven into it.


By maintaining a record one would be able to ensure some minimum hours of reading every week. Ask them if they would like to try it. If you are already attending some devotional programs in the temple, then inviting some of the visitors there to your program would be very easy and effective. Then the other players form two teams of equal number. Mood and method of the Bhakti Vriksha: In actual practice, members become very enthusiastic even before the fourth month to attend the study classes!

Calling up contacts and junior devotees can also get distributed to the different members attending the preaching session. He is full of transcendental qualities. Conducting a study classTime: To refrain from eating non-vegetarian food meat, fish and eggs and tries to lead a moral life. Tell them to write one compliment on each piece of paper, possibly in readable hand writing.

Let us put aside our personal ambitions and accept as our real identification being humble servants of the Vaisnavas. There could be chain calls among the different devotees. If on certain days one is able to read only for shorter lengths of time due to some engagement, then one needs to make up for it on other days. It is prudent to follow a prescribed flow of activities in each bhakti vriksha session. Any taboo number can be chosen for the game. Moreover, when you know that others are doing it, you get doubly inspired to perform your sadhana perfectly and not be left behind.

Bhakti Vriksha Manual

Be sure that you know the answers for the questions in the passage. Because my heart is made up. When making the transition, do not announce vrikzha you are making any changes rather introduce the changes very naturally, so that they accept it as they get to experience it.


They are also inspired by each others initiatives. Ultimately when they are preaching directly to people they will find these verses most valuable.

Helping them in their spiritual life continues to be a service to their Guru, other Gurus and Srila Prabhupada. It is very manula and helps the manuzl to discuss the Krishna Conscious philosophy, develop close and friendly relationships with devotees, and progress very happily in Krishna Consciousness.

It is offensive to not chant mantras given by guru or not to practice bhakti according to his instructions. Some people even after listening to lectures about the existence of the soul cannot understand its presence at all because To read the teachings of Lord Krishna as given in the books of Srila Prabhupada. The devotees involved in the Bhakti Vriksha take part in other temple functions and render services of various types.

Please write the following: Oh when will I reach Vrindavan? Due to too many material attachments. The players hold hands very tightly to form a linefacing the other team, with about 50 feet 15 m between them. In spite of the best care, there may be a few who take longer to give up their bad habits.

It seems that the needs of the devotees have been adequately addressed.