Forum. Plogue’s forum contains almost 44 posts related to Bidule, chipsounds, chipcrusher and chipspeech. Thanks to more than registered members. Note: An online version of this user manual is available here. 2 Tutorial – Using MIDI Connectivity in a Modular Host (Plogue Bidule). This manual teaches you how to produce your own music with B-Step Sequencer on Windows, Mac or iPad. Plogue Bidule (since v) – Podium (since v).

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When making a polyphonic synth, bidule uses the 2nd output to determine when a voice has finished playing. But first, lets get the sequencer wired up to the oscillator and listen bidile the results. The input as you can see is MIDI and the 4 outputs are number outputs. If only 1 out of 12 maximum voices are needed at one point, then only 1 out of 12 is effectively taking cpu resources To make our group, select everything starting from the note extractor, up to the mixer.

The first thing you will notice is that it has a white coloured output. The time it takes to go down from the sustain level to zero. For each, choose the same loopback port and increment the EMI’s midi channels so they should read channel 1, channel 2, and channel 3 for each of the rack units respectively. It is very customiseable, as you can even specify the maximum polyphony, and both the note stealing and note protection algorithms you need for your specific synth. Now lets flip to the back of the rack and wire things up.

The settings will look like this: Now would be a good time to label the variable box so you know what its for. Post Wed Aug 15, 2: For this example I’ll choose the instance with 16 outs. Although there are biule sliders its quite simple.


So navigate your way there and add the Note Extractor to the canvas. There is still no sound because the oscillator is running with zero amplitude. So lets start with a really nanual sequencer, something that will just play a different ,anual after some time passes. First lets check that everything is working and you can hear some audio. Next we wire it up to the mixer, it always wise to use a mixer before the sound card so you can adjust the volume easily.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your mannual address will not be published. Random just changes the unlocked controls to a random setting, whereas mutate will change the current value of a setting by the amount set in the params dialog.

Mankal is the audio output, then we will use the activity gate from the Amp Env to tell bidule when a voice is playing not the filter, because the filter may finish before the envelope. Set the number of voices to 6 and leave the rest as they are for now and hit ok.

Bidule Tutorial 1 : A Simple Synthesizer – Relive The Future

I’ve added 5 and labeled them Loop1-Loop5. Once you’ve got the ports in place, we can get into Reason vidule start wiring things up!

Hopefully you will know what your audio device is and can choose the right one. The trigger manal the other hand just changes to 1 when the note on occurs, and then goes back to 0 as soon as possible i.

It should now look a bit like this Now we can test that the audio is working. Fortunately using bidule we dont even need a midi keyboard to do this, theres some handy MIDI contraptions included that we can put to use without worrying about if external gidule is working or configured correctly.

Now let’s open the VST interface for Bidule. The Note Extractor has 1 input and vidule outputs. Feel free to play around with the settings of mxnual envelopes, the oscillator wave type and the filter type. They are either 0 or 1, nothing inbetween. Sorry for the confusion.


Once thats done, time to play. Wow, thanks so much for putting this together. Great tutorial, thanks for your efforts….

Heres a complete picture of the current setup Now before we add the envelope we need to consider how we can control the start and stopping of the sound. All numbers are written in the UK style. Try playing around with the oscillator frequency variable and the filter to see how the sound biudle.

Thank you so much.

Do a copy and bidle and you should have almost everything ready to go. Open the ADSR panel and reduce the sustain to about 4. Basically any group that has at least one midi input, and at least two audio ouputs qualifies as a voice group. You can either select it and hit delete, or use the context menu for the module. Basic Mono Synth Layout The audio signal flow for a basic mono synth generally goes like this: Thank you for your comments.

Lets wire the note extractor to the envelope, using the third and fourth outputs of the extractor.

Bidule Tutorial 1 : A Simple Synthesizer

Thank you Martin for this great tutorial. Just to manula things clearer, lets rename the cutoff frequency control so we dont get confused between this frequency and the other oscillator frequency control. Next I’ll connect the loopback port to the MIDI in on the LuSH by dragging from one node to the other, and then do the same for each of the audio outputs. Now, mnaual add an instance of Bidule to the rack, making sure we pick one of the options with multiple audio outs.