The Indux™ Cortical Strip is a robust single piece construct with a unique cross- hatch pattern that Biomet Spine & Bone Healing Technologies launches. of Biomet, Inc. or one of its subsidiaries unless otherwise indicated. Rx Only. Indux™ Cancellous Sponge and Indux™ Cancellous Strip. The Indux™ Cancellous. Biomet Spine introduced Cellentra VCBM (Viable Cell Bone Matrix), the Stimulation products which includes the Indux™ Cortical Strip and.

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Significant increases in the value of the U.

We believe we have a number of competitive strengths that will enable us to further enhance our position in the orthopedic medical device market. Expand Our Global Reach. Even in the event that we are able to successfully develop innovations, they may not produce revenue in excess of the costs of development and may be quickly rendered obsolete as a result of changing customer preferences or the introduction by our competitors of products embodying new technologies or features.

We have established strategic partnerships with key suppliers. We offer products used in cranial reconstructive and cranial closure procedures. We have three geographic markets: BIOMET is our principal registered trademark throughout the world, and registrations have been obtained or are in process with respect to various other trademarks associated with our products.

Our minimally-invasive hip development efforts have been focused on various surgical approaches, including an anterior supine intermuscular surgical approach. These devices are used by orthopedic surgeons to provide an accurate means of setting and stabilizing fractures and for other acute reconstructive procedures.

In addition to our principal executive offices, we maintain more than 50 other manufacturing facilities, offices and warehouse facilities in various countries and regions, including Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

We believe our prices for large joint orthopedic reconstructive devices are competitive with those in the industry.

We have 14 manufacturing operations located throughout the world. Our spinal fixation systems compete with other spinal fixation systems primarily on the basis of breadth of product line, product recognition and price.

Zimmer, , Biomet Indux Block Cube 14mm x 14mm – eSutures

We believe we have data that supports the efficacy and safety of our metal-on-metal hip products, and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves in these matters. Generally, however, an entity would be considered insolvent if, at the time it incurred indebtedness: Partial, traditionally referred to as unicompartmental, knee replacement is an option when only a portion of the knee requires replacement. Among other things, the HITECH Act provided that Business Associates will now be subject to the same security requirements as Covered Entities, and that with regard to both the security and privacy rule, Business Associates will be subject to direct enforcement by HHS, including civil and criminal liability, just as Covered Entities are.


We intend to review and take appropriate actions with respect to any such investigations or proceedings; however, we cannot assure you that the costs of defending or fines imposed in resolving those civil or criminal investigations or proceedings would not have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, results of operations and cash flows. Certain macroeconomic events, such as the current adverse conditions in the global economy, including most recently with the market disruptions caused by the economic and political challenges facing specific Eurozone countries such as Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, could have a more wide-ranging and prolonged impact on the general business environment, which could also adversely affect us.

Management believes these four companies, together with Biomet, have inndux predominant share of the global large joint orthopedic reconstructive device market. Pursuant to the Deferred Prosecution Agreement, the DOJ has agreed not to prosecute Biomet in connection with this matter, provided that Biomet satisfies its obligations under the agreement over the next three years.

Our existing business interruption insurance coverage may be inadequate to satisfy liabilities we might incur in such a situation. Credit rating agencies continually revise their ratings for companies they follow.

Our ability to make scheduled payments on or to refinance bioomet debt obligations depends on our financial condition and operating performance, which is subject to prevailing economic and competitive conditions and to certain financial, business and other factors beyond our control.

We operate in a dynamic and competitive environment. In addition, the terms of certain of the outstanding indebtedness of subsidiaries of LVB substantially restricts our ability to pay dividends. In addition, we could experience a material design or manufacturing failure in our products, a quality system failure, other safety issues or heightened regulatory scrutiny that would warrant a recall of some of our products.

We are unable to predict the likely duration induc severity of the current disruption in financial markets and adverse economic conditions, or the effects these disruptions biomwt conditions could have on us. Benefit from income taxes. We expect that our research and development investments will continue to increase.

In addition, we maintain more than 50 other manufacturing indkx, offices and warehouse facilities in various countries, including Canada and numerous countries within Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Indux™ Cancellous Sponge and Strip + Indux™ Cortical Strip

This technology permits the surgeon to utilize a shorter plate, which helps optimize plate placement to potentially prevent impingement of the adjacent healthy disc. The notes are not guaranteed by any of our non-U. Accordingly, claims of holders of the notes will be structurally subordinated to the claims of creditors of these non-guarantor subsidiaries, including trade creditors.


In our industry, inventory is routinely placed at hospitals to provide the healthcare provider with the appropriate product when needed. The trading prices for the notes will be directly affected by many factors, including our credit rating. Federal and state fraudulent transfer and conveyance statutes may apply to the issuance of the notes and the incurrence of any guarantees. Office and manufacturing facilities of Interpore Spine Ltd.

Forward-looking statements also involve risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected by any forward-looking statement. Risks Related to Our Business.

Statement of Operations Data. Claims of intellectual property infringement also might require us to enter into costly royalty or license. The law was upheld by a Supreme Court decision that was announced on June 28, Unless indkx noted in this annual report, all trademarks contained herein are owned by Biomet, Inc.

Spine Products

This technology allows the screw head to translate up to 3mm medial-lateral relative to the screw shaft to ease rod introduction and encourage optimal screw placement. Trauma Internal Fixation Devices. By holding and stabilizing alignment of the reduced fracture, internal fixation products are intended to aid in the healing process and may be removed when healing is complete. We have a highly experienced management team at both the corporate and operational level.

Outside the United States, reimbursement systems vary significantly from country to country. As a general matter, value is given for a transfer or an obligation if, in exchange for the transfer or obligation, property is transferred or an antecedent debt is secured or satisfied. Any such fluctuation may impact the trading price of the notes. Accordingly, repayment of our indebtedness, including the notes, is dependent, to a significant extent, on the generation of cash flow by our subsidiaries and their ability to make such cash available to us, by dividend, debt repayment or otherwise.

Our bone healing products include non-invasive electrical stimulation devices for long bone and pelvic fractures for orthopedic applications. If we breach our covenants under our senior secured credit facilities and seek a waiver, we may not be able to obtain a waiver from the required lenders. Administrative offices of Biomet Europe B.