Microalgal biovolume is commonly calculated to assess the relative abundance ( as biomass or carbon) of co‐occurring algae varying in shape and/or size. Microalgal biovolume is commonly calculated to assess the relative abundance ( as biomass or carbon) of co-occurring algae varying in shape and/or size. J. Phycol. 35, – () BIOVOLUME CALCULATION FOR PELAGIC AND BENTHIC MICROALGAE1 Helmut Hillebrand2 Institut fu¨r Meereskunde.

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Prentice Hall, Englewood The graphs show the error coefficient standard error expressed as the percentage of the mean as a function of the number of measured cells. Gustav Fischer Ver- lag, Jena, pp.

Sicko-Goad and minimize measurement errors Microakgae et al. Two alternative biomass estimates in natural samples can be found in one view only. In conclusion, the estimation of biovolume from [Ed. However, because the proportions of samples Montagnes et al. Com- rine Biologists Publication No.

Monographs on Oceano- Kuylenstierna, M. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart, pp. Vegetation Processes in the Pelagic: In almost the same results because of the high agree- such cases, the available dimensions, the abundance ment about nenthic shapes. In- bance hypothesis using cultures of marine phytoplankton. Determination of size and morphology of munities. The different size classes or pigment composition in flow use of electron microscope images has been rec- cytometry.


A morphometric study Wetzel, R. Geometric shapes and equations for the calculation of biovolume. Bkovolume to main content. Pub- culated dinophyte biovolumes with complex com- lished geometric models tend to have a distinct re- binations of shapes, but we decided to apply simpler gional e.

Besides requiring neous samples from lakes, the correlations between expensive equipment, these methods have several the results of the different methods were poor. Wiley-Liss, New York, pp.

Biovolume calculation for pelagic and benthic microalgae [1999]

The method for concentration of organisms pact on cellular structure, changing the relative con- should be nondestructive and free from vacuum or tributions of different components. Handbook of Methods in Aquatic Microbial Ecology. Shapes are drawn in a three-dimensional version and in cross sections.

Les- drawbacks that render them unsuitable in many calcupation lie attributed this lack of correlation to detritus par- search areas.

Precision of size determi- Krambeck, C.

Modern approach to the Gulf of Finland. Limnological Analyses, 2nd ed. Distribution of epiphytic diatom species composi- Cliffs, New Jersey, pp. However, a standardized set of equations for biovolume calculations from microscopically measured linear dimensions that includes the entire range of microalgal shapes is not ccalculation yet. However, in some cases it is diffi- gested equations, especially for complex genera cult to identify the single cells e.

These deviations Smayda suggested an examination of 25 were not considered in our taxa calfulation.

Biovolume calculation for pelagic and benthic microalgae

CLT 5 Estep, K. Dissertation, University of Oldenburg, pp. With wide application of our recommen- Rev. The maximal CLT values obtained by these equa- Ser. Baltic Sea; Edler or environmen- shapes.


Esti- and epifluorescence microscopy to measure plankton bio- mation of intracellular carbon and silica content of diatoms mass. For this reason, PV was cal- cussion. Light halos around the to the analysis of benthic microalgae.

We do not claim completeness for the genera or for the annotations.

Biovolume Calculation for Pelagic and Benthic Microalgae | David Kirschtel –

The manu- pp. The annotations A are given at the end of the table according to their numbers. Discrep- iscusthe different geometric models will lead to ancies often exist between these two constraints. Academic Press, San Diego, pp. It becomes obvious that, for the gellates, Popovsky and PfiesterPollingher and several genera, no equation for biovolume calcula- HickelSteidinger and Tangen ; and for tion was given at all, whereas for others the results other microalgae, LeedaleEttl, Ko- show tremendous variation.

Intercalibration and McCartney, K. A Model for Ecosystem of irradiance on cell volume and carbon quota for ten species Theory.