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The ability to handle and reuse these artifacts allows BitBake the luxury of not having to build something from scratch every time.

Note Following are some points regarding the yser listed in this glossary: These variables might have been set from the environment depending on the environment variables previously mentioned or set in the configuration files. Here is an example that conditionally sets a variable based on the value of another variable:.

Notice that spaces are not appended.

You must provide this parameter. As such, this module forms an important part of BitBake. This is what the git: Flexible Inheritance for Class Functions 3. It only needs a small subset of the information to make decisions about the recipe. BitBake produces an error if any dependency is missing or the version numbers do not match exactly if specified.

If two directories are on the same device, only the first directory is monitored.

BitBake User Manual

This fetcher submodule fetches code from the Subversion source control system. Therefore, the latter case is the correct form since the Git fetcher does know how to use HTTP as a transport. Consequently, BitBake caches the values in which it is interested and does not store the rest of the information. The filenames can differ only in the file type suffix used e. Variable flags varflags help control a task’s functionality and dependencies.


Consider the following two URLs:. Here is an example: Usage and syntax 1. You need to create that file next. BitBake defaults to the highest version of a provider.

Bitbake Cheat Sheet

Doing so might cause BitBake to not recognize the path since BitBake does not expand this character in the same way a shell would. The most common usage of this is variable is to set it to “-1” within a manial for a development version of a piece of software.

This section presents some common scenarios along with explanations for variable interactions that typically confuse users. Any directory you choose.

The tutorial describes how to create a new project and the applicable metadata files necessary to allow BitBake to build it.

The flags are immediately set to “abc” and “”, respectively. When you create these types of functions in your recipe or class files, you need to follow the shell programming rules. Specifies the directory BitBake uses to store biybake cache of the metadata so it does not need to be parsed every time BitBake is started.


For example, one could easily use them to make one’s own local copy of an upstream repository, but with custom modifications that one does not want upstream. Conditional Syntax Overrides 3. Consider the following example: For example, the following sets up a dependency on version 1. Causes the named class bitbxke be inherited at this point during parsing.

This is all the example needs in order to build the project.

Bitbake Cheat Sheet –

Tasks are BitBake execution units that originate as functions and make up the steps that BitBake needs to run for given recipe. Note The term “package” is also commonly used to describe recipes.

BitBake uses the addtask directive to manage dependencies that are internal to a given recipe file. BitBake supports these types of functions: Promoting a Function to a Task. Here is an example that causes BitBake to produce a parsing msnual. Sets the number of threads BitBake uses when parsing.

When working with varflags, the same syntax, with the exception of overrides, applies. You should set this parameter to “1” if revisions can become detached from branches.