View full Seagate BlackArmor NAS specs on CNET. The Seagate BlackArmor NAS comes with two 1TB hard drives and carries a suggested retail price of $ The BlackArmor NAS The BlackArmor NAS is a flexible network storage appliance that can be used to form the core of a small business network. Users can.

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You can restore data by running a restore wizard, either boot using the included CD, or by mounting the backup into a virtual drive and copying data.

Highlights Complete portfolio of small-business-specific storage solutions providing optimum uptime and data integrity.

Seagate BlackArmor NAS 420

Item is in your Cart. Also, the manual says optional spare drive cradles are available from Seagate. Review Sections Review Specs.

While blackaemor sounds like a handy feature, going back in and actually deleting the files via the web interface is hugely time consuming at backarmor and pretty annoying at worst. Additionally, if the BlackArmor NAS is sitting in a network room away from a terminal, blackarnor status display can be used to see which drive is bad so it can be swapped out for a fresh one.

Essentially NAS units are stand-alone computers connected to a network, with the sole purpose of providing a central location for data storage to other devices.

Once a new user account has been created, you can assign it different access privileges for each share folder. Performance While a Gigabit network has a theoretical maximum throughput of Gbps, or MBps, these rates are almost never realized in the real world.


Aside from public share folders, each user account has a private share folder of its own and if you have an office with a blackarmog server, the BlackArmor NAS can be set to work as a domain member.

Seagate BlackArmor NAS

Instead, you need to go into the web interface and safely remove the device, just like within Windows itself. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Five large headings in the web interface give users a huge number of options to change and manage. Small but densely heavy, the unit is pretty sleek for what is essentially a business technology product. Windows users will most blaclarmor use CIFS to mount their network shares. I bet todays teenager couldn’t even operate the conventional cameras we grew-up with.

Single or multi-drive, portable, workstation or network-attached storage. Full-range of available service and support including: With built-in support for Digital Media and iTunes servers, the BlackArmor can automatically stream music, video, and photos to compatible 4200, including computers, set-top boxes, and game consoles. Additionally, printer management is found here: For connectivity you’ll find four USB 2. The BlackArmor is very similar to the BlackArmor We all know Seagate’s consumer and enterprise products, but Seagate also has a growing list of end user storage products.

However, not having the capability to dynamically change the current RAID setup’s capacity makes it much less desirable for either home or business users. Copying hundreds of files only 4 kilobytes in size, for example, dropped the rate down to about a megabyte per second instead.


Poll My distribution is:. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. I have it configured for RAID 1 and so far so good. The two buttons to the right scroll up and down through the list; to get more information, users can hold one of the two buttons down.

This is rather confusing because in most, if not all, other NAS servers, there’s nothing you can do with a regular account that you can’t do with the “Admin” account. With everything going digital these days, backing-up the data you value is critical. And users can securely access their data over the Internet using a Web browser. Includes Bare Metal Recovery feature on every product. Over the course of time, most individuals create a number of files that are important to them or the operation of their business and loosing these would be absolutely devastating.

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Do yourself a favor and buy one, you’ve got nothing to lose but all your data! From the setup through the operation of this device, it has been a solid performer and has been easy to access for the entire family.