Blackshirts & Reds explores some of the big issues of our time: fascism, capitalism, communism, revolution, democracy, and ecology-terms. Blackshirts & Reds explores some of the big issues of our time: fascism, capitalism, communism, revolution, democracy and ecology—terms often bandied about. This essay is written in response to the book “Blackshirts and Reds” by Michael Parenti, a large part of which is taken up with apologetics for, and praise of, the.

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A modest amount of aid, in money, munitions, and equipment: Oct 07, Joshua Cho rated it it was amazing Shelves: To his credit, Stalinism is the only branch of Leninist-Marxism which stood against British-American imperialism. I feel like the title of the book is a little misleading, fascism is really only the focus of the first chapter demonstrating how it An impassioned defense of Socialism-That-Actually-Existed Socialism pre that demonstrates that, despite the problems of socialism he calls it communism it is still better than the capitalism that existed and continues to exist in the West – and points out how the former socialist states are profoundly worse off after capitalism than they were in socialism.

You would never think it from thatbut these famines to a large degree were caused by the policies of the “Communist” party state, this was the exclusive cause of the latter one. The only problem I had in regards to Parentis brevity was his largely unsourced rant about the destructiveness of development economics. Lists with This Book.

They just have to maintain the power they get and prove to be capable rulers. A rise in living standards often incites a still greater rise in expectations. The community members were helped by specialists, surveyors and agronomists.

Michael Parenti: Blackshirts and Reds

Just because you politically agree with a book doesn’t mean it’s well written and researched. We merely have to look at the record of the Bolsheviks prior to blackshirys civil war. San Francisco Poet Laureates.

I would recommend individual chapters his early ones on the fall of Communism are the bestbut not the book as a whole. Unfortunate, this ‘pure socialism’ view is ahistorical and nonfalsifiable; it cannot be tested against the actualities of history.


In Petrograd the top party bosses lived in the Astoria Hotel, recently restored to its formal splendour, after the devastation’s of the revolution, as the First House of the Soviets. No trivia or quizzes yet. In any case the ‘surplus value’ that share of the value produced not required to maintain the existence of the worker extracted from the employees of these firms was now going not to “National Socialist” capitalists in Germany but to “Communist” capitalists in Russia.

One of the key points Parenti makes is that western governments have a long track record of inserting capitalism into third-world and FSB countries–and causing antidemocratic ruin.

The civil war didn’t really heat up until the Summer of with the offensive of the Czech Legion and the establishment of the Komuch an alternative Social Revolutionary led government.

By contrast ,in that well known bastion of socialism, the U.

Blackshirts and Reds, Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism

Rejecting a lot of past and contemporary anti-communist narratives, which he describes as dogmatic and propagandistic, Parenti discusses the fallacious approaches to communism and socialist states. I think the book was written in ? The last chapter on climate change and incompatibility of capitalism is the best one. In fact, the foreign intervention during the Russian Revolution was never either vigorous or persevering. Mix bag of hard core Marxist articles, trying to argue the fundamental difference between fascist and communists.

You can honestly get the same amount of information from a Marxist-Leninist, with an anime profile picture, rant on twitter.

Blackshirts & Reds

Since we have the right to travel freely between East and West Berlin we can take the cameras into West Berlin at any time. Recommended read for those that are interested in the end of Communism in the Soviet Union. Others, howeverare more problematic, in particular “how external attack A good polemic, but a bit outdated and definitely too schematic.

I’m amazed at the good reviews. Firstly mass assemblies of all people in the area, workplace or army unit, in this case the tenants of a house, then the establishment of committees of delegates, mandated by the assembly, and finally their geds with other local committees to form an administration for a city or industry.


Parenti consistently writes top-notch blackkshirts. Feb 19, Jordan rated it it was amazing. I feel like the title of the book is a little misleading, fascism is really only the focus of the first chapter demonstrating how it is more akin to capitalism than communism demolishing the “twin totalitarian” thesis. If you are a student of history, particularly of class struggle, it is unlikely you will find much new or th A concise and well articulated polemic against liberal democracy and demonstration of the hypocrisy and violence it purveys.

For a normal person they seem more like apologetics or heavy and desperate spinning. The page count of this book doesn’t detract from the ideas the author is trying to saying slaughters them. I just feel it’s not very convincing from that perspective and it’s almost just missing the ans.

May 06, Thomas Hale rated it really liked it.

Nov 17, Sami Eerola rated it liked it Shelves: Parenti points to rfds documentation suggesting that between and a total ofexecutions were carried out by the N. We have a buyer there who will give us 70 dollars for them. How Parenti manages to go from logically asset stripping capitalism taking account of its errors to defending a society which was nothing more than an ill planned police state is startling.

Differences in talent and capacity as might exist between individuals do not excuse the crimes and injustices that are endemic to the corporate business system. It’s more three shorter books cleverly blended into one. In exiled veterans of the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of the Ukraine published their answer to this particular question.

He also maps out the external and internal forces that destroyed communism, and the disastrous impact of the “free-market” victory on eastern Europe and rfds former Soviet Union.

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