The Book of Lambspring [Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Thank you for checking out this book by. The Book Of Lambspring: A Noble Ancient Philosopher Concerning The Philosophical Stone [Arthur Edward Waite, Nicholas Bernaud Delphinas] on. Opening the Book of Lambspring Christopher Bradford. A Guide to the Underworld. Published in November, 66 pages.

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Figure VI is an example of this chemical truth in the lab; however, it represents its inner work counterpart here. In the Body there is Soul and Spirit.

And I am grateful to his great service for I use some parts of the text where my interpretation of an image would be a far stretch to understand without a text for those who have not undergone initiation.

Hereat all the Sages do loudly rejoice. If you said the King and Queen of nature, you are right. Within the mythos of Christianity, what we call a Guide quite likely may be referred to as a Shepherd. Links facebook wikipedia scribd green guild. There stands rooted firmly a tree.

The Book of Lambspring, | Compendium Naturalis

While this would be sufficient for a purely intellectual initiate as a mark of success, there’s more to the story here … the most difficult decision bool our initiate now. When the motif of “body and spirit” are introduced and the text emphasizes that “one devours the other”, it speaks plenty of how the binary system is overcome. He who, by wisdom and cunning, Can snare and bind them, And lead them into the same forest, Of him it may be said with justice and lammbspring That he has merited the meed of praise before all others, And that his wisdom transcends that of the worldly wise.

Doesn’t an ego, by definition, resist such initiation?

They perish never more, And laugh at death. For the unknown is the lf place of both of these creatures. It is depicting the notion that initiation is a spiritual evolution.


I will go down to my Father, For he cannot live without me. Then both are changed into white doves, explains the text.

Figure XI As a result of successfully raising his frequency and having enabled the initiate to experience higher worlds, or simply stated, purified the dross body, a door opens onto the left side of the river. Within the alchemical tradition if there was a symbol that has found its way into more works than any other, then this particular one, that of the ouroboros is surely it. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to lambsprijg buzz, reward kf audience, and attract new followers and customers.

We were given this clue in Figure X. Figure Lambsprinf This particular symbolism is probably the most recognized image in alchemy, although in slightly different fashion than here in the Book of Lambspring.

And we would go so far as to say, a shift of frequency as physics would have it.

Freud would also be proud of such psychoanalytic interpretation, no doubt. In this sense, as well as the antler’s visual prominence, it is not far reaching to say that the stag represents the Tree of Life.

That two fishes are in our sea, Without any flesh or bones. He that knows how to tame and master them by Art, To couple them together, And to lead them in and out of the forest, May justly be called a Master. English Choose a language for shopping. Click to enlarge The Mercury is precipitated or sublimed, dissolved in its own proper water, and then once more coagulated. How would one carry out our spiritual purpose if one wasn’t a master of our terrestrial affairs?

Figure I Immediately in our view we’re confronted with two opposingly swimming bookk. We’re also mindful of the reality that the word “manifestation” derives from the same lambsppring as ‘manus’, the Latin word for “hand”.


Remember your duty towards your neighbour and your God, Who gives this Art, and would have it concealed. At the heart of initiation, the Guide plays a crucial role in leading the initiate to Higher Ground. While the Higher Knowledge provides a perspective no uninitiated can comprehend, it also comes with lambsprihg that makes our initiate troubled, twisted, recoiled, and heavy of heart or as the text points out, “father sweats profusely”.

Or, was it that he realized he never had a choice? When he sees the rays of the Sun and its bright bookk, He scatters abroad his poison, And flies upward so fiercely That no living creature can stand before him, Nor is even the Basilisk equal to him. Figure V A bridge in the background is connecting two sides, the two landmasses, that the river otherwise would keep separate.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. It isn’t a stone step, an experience, per se.


The images are often very low resolution. Then they also will become a vast sea, The vastness of which no man can describe. Let us just say lwmbspring it is concerned with a certain realization. Most likely he would be naked if it wasn’t for the heavily influenced Labspring theme throughout this work. This strength will we give unto him. So is the nature of od inner work.

I do all that man can desire, I give power and lasting health, Also gold, silver, gems, and precious stones, And the panacea for great and small diseases. Contact ni fo innergarden. An accelerated state allowing the initiated one to be open to the “invisible forces”. He quickly consumes his venom, For he devours his poisonous tail.